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Presidential firearms catch spotlight with actor Joe Mantegna

A full look at Theodore Roosevelt's 1894 Winchester lever action riflePresident Theodore Roosevelt's suppressed 1894 Winchester lever action rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - The crew from Outdoor Channel's Gun Stories spends about a week at the National Rifle Association every spring. With host and A-list actor Joe Mantegna at the ready, each episode concentrates on one specific gun. Here's a description from their website:

Gun Stories takes viewers through a firearm’s history, from the heart of the design through its use on the range. Using state-of-the-art, high-speed photography, Gun Stories looks at the operation and performance of each (firearm). ... Throughout the series, historians, shooters, trainers and industry experts place these weapons in their historical and social context, making Gun Stories a unique and definitive collection on the history of firearms.
This week Mr. Mantegna takes us through a tour of Roosevelt's Africa Guns.

"Teddy Roosevelt lived life largely with character perfectly suited to the Gilded Age of American History," said Mantegna. "Cowboy, solider, politician, and first and foremost a hunter. The guns of Teddy Roosevelt ... tell their own stories. Of the times, the world and the man."

Premiering tonight at 8:00pm (with reruns at 11:30pm, 1:00am, and 3:00am), the Roosevelt's Rifles episode includes interviews of NRA Museums Director Jim Supica, Senior Curator Philip Schreier, as well as a few caemos by the Roosevelt firearms in our collection.

For more on Gun Stories, visit their website at


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