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Familiar faces fighting for fullbore rifle title as Championship rolls to an end

Taking aim at 800 yards for NRA's Fullbore Rifle Championship in Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Today's schedule of fullbore for the NRA National Rifle Championships begins with little distractions. The weather is clear, the competitors are positive, and the scoring is stable. Though the winds are still in play, the relatively low temperatures along with sunny skies means adjustments necessary for a V are few.

A V? That's right. Because we're shooting fullbore rifle, that means we're firing on the 5 V target. In other words, competitors only earn 5 points for a bullseye. On the flip side it means that only lose 5 for a miss or crossfire. Not something you want to hang your hat on, but a positive nonetheless.

Lining up at the 1,000 yard line, this is the final day for a run at the overall title. It begins as days past with Tompkins in the lead and a big ole pack of usurpers bearing down on the gates.

Here's how they stood when the day began.

Competitors on the hill shot for NRA's Fullbore Rifle Championships

NRA Fullbore Rifle
Overall Championships

Place Name Score
1 Nancy Tompkins 670-84v
2 Kevin Nevius 670-63v
3 Ben Emms 669-88v
4 James O’Connell 669-79v
5 Shane Barnhart 669-72v


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