By Kyle Jillson | August 4 2014 16:25

NRA News runs into Grizzly Adams, raising awareness for Angel Flight, at Tulsa Arms Show

Colt .22 rifle on auction for Angel Flight

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Even a stalwart defender of the Second Amendment like Cam Edwards deserves a break every now and then. So while the voice of Cam & Co. is on vacation this week, NRA News is re-airing last week's shows to help keep you up-to-date with the fight for our right to bear arms.

This also means you get another chance to ogle the beautiful guns from last week's Curator's Corner, featuring a run-in with Mr. Grizzly Adams himself, Dan Haggerty, at the Tulsa Arms Show.

Below is what we wrote last week to wet your whistle. If you weren't able to catch Adams' fun stories or hear him discuss Angel Flight, a charity he holds dear, don't miss your second chance later today around 6:40pm ET.

Grizzly Adams brought a Henry Rifle on to Curator's Corner

See Grizzly Adams along with his Henry Rifle & Colt .22 on NRA News

When you're walking around a gun show, odds are the biggest surprise is going to come in something smooth and steel. But at the Tulsa Arms Show, the boys from NRA News happened upon another surprise - Grizzly Adams.

For those of you under the age of 30, Grizzly Adams was a television show in the late 70s. Traveling along with his sidekick Ben - a full adult grizzly bear - Adams battled the bad guys, protected the weak, and luxuriated in the great outdoors. Played by Dan Haggerty, the short run show developed a cult like following long since it left the airwaves.

Though Haggerty still works in the movie biz, he puts time aside to work with a number of charities. One, Angel Flight, was the reason for his trip out to Tulsa.

"Angel Flight is for Children who need operations," Haggerty explained. "Pilots donate their plane and their time and I’d love to use you to raise money for fuel so the kids can get to where they need to go."

At Tulsa, the group was showing off a rifle donated by Henry Rifles.

"We're going to auction this off, raise a little money to help pay for that fuel."

Also on the docket is a Colt M4 .22 rifle brought on by Haggerty's godson.

"It’s the old and here’s the new and here we are. If we can help these kids that don’t need to be broken and bent, if we can help them run and walk and smile that’s what we’re here for."

To see Grizzly Adams, his guns, and hear about him running down a deer or his work as a female eagle impersonator, tune in to NRA News on Sportsman Channel tonight around 6:40pm eastern.

The eagle story is a real hoot.

Though neither of the rifles mentioned in this story are housed there, you can see all the other guns in the NRA National Firearms Museum collection at


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