By Lars Dalseide | August 2 2014 10:35

Three hour delay could force cancellation of Palma rounds - images

Shooter waits for the rain to clear at the NRA Long Range Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Weather came calling early this morning at the NRA Long Range Championships. I know, I know, weather is a constant no matter where you are. But its never appreciated unless the conditions are extreme. And yes, this morning, the conditions were extreme.

First came the winds, then the clouds, and finally the rain. Competitors were soon hustled off the field of play as the weather (yes I’m back to using weather as a catchall) stepped it up a notch with lightning strikes.

“You don’t want to be in the middle of a lightning storm with a rifle in your hand,” said Match Director Sherri Judd. “Standard protocol is evacuate the range once a threat is established. Given the strikes we saw about 20 minutes after the evacuation, I’d say it was a good call.”

So what does this mean for the Championships?

Ideally competitors will fire every relay of every match … but that may not be in the cards. First there’s a time consideration. Four relays shooting at three distances combined with trips back and forth to The Pits eats up a significant chunk of the afternoon. Whether officials decide to push on through or cut back on the matches is up in the air. Then there’s the weather … again.

Radar suggests a second round of storms could be coming our way. Should that happen, it’s anyone’s guess as to how final numbers will be calculated.

As we await official word on a restart, enjoy a few shots from sunnier days here at NRA’s 2014 National Long Range High Power Rifle Championships.

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