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Army marksmen dominate from one end of Camp Perry to the other at NRA High Power week

2014 NRA Mid-Range Rifle Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Running one range over at Camp Perry, alongside this year's NRA High Power Rifle Championship, is the NRA Mid-Range Rifle Championship.

Still sporting wet paint, the championship was introduced at least year's National Matches and is shot F-Class, which is target shooting with scope sights and artificial support (e.g. bipods and slings). F-Class was created by older High Power shooters who wanted to keep up the sport but needed assistance to zero in on the targets and keep their rifles steady. Over the years the sport grew to attract young shooters looking to ease into High Power shooting and has developed quite a following.

The championship shoots matches at distances of 300, 500, and 600 yards over five days for a 3000-point aggregate. Though yesterday's cancelled match due to wind brings this year's aggregate to a potential 2400 points. And unlike the High Power championship, which sees shooters compete in the standing, sitting/kneeling, and prone positions, F-Class is done entirely prone.

F-Class has two subdivisions: Open and Target Rifle. In Open, rifles can be up to 22 lbs in weight, fire any caliber under .35 and may be shot off just about any type of rest. Target Rifle rifles can't be heavier than 18 lbs, must be shot off a bipod, have no limit on scope power and are limited to calibers of .223 and .308. All that being said, competitors are also allowed to compete using service rifles and match rifles, which are classified accordingly.

Moving on to this year's results, three complete days of shooting has SFC Eric Uptagrafft of the USAMU on top with a 1197-72x. Close behind him are SGT Eric Smith, USAR and David Decareaux at 1196-73x and 1196-70x to round out the top three.

Today's match, and the championship itself, will wrap up later this afternoon and tonight's award ceremony will crown the winner alongside the top shooter of the High Power Championship.

NRA National Mid-Range Rifle Championship

Place Name Score
1 Eric Uptagrafft 1197-72x
2 Eric Smith 1196-73x
3 David Decareaux 1196-70x
4 Shirley Mcgee 1195-71x
5 N Zinsmaster-mayo 1194-79x


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