By Kyle Jillson | July 25 2014 15:15

Popular for decades, the NRA-Springfield M1A Match breathes new life into a legendary rifle before the High Power Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Before the rise of the AR-15 as the competition rifle of choice in the shooting sports, the Springfield M1A enjoyed a number of years in the spotlight. Still an effective firearm, many still enjoy shooting the M1A whether they have owned one for decades or recently began appreciating the classic rifle. Because of its sustained popularity, the NRA teamed up with Springfield Armory a few years ago to create the NRA-Springfield M1A Match, celebrating its use.

The match is the most prize-rich High Power event the NRA holds, with more than $25,000 in cash and prizes awarded across all skill levels. If you shoot the match, there's a very good chance you'll walk away with some cash.

At the top of the scoreboard, the Match Winner receives a prize of $2,000. First, second and third place Civilians get $1,500, $1,000 and a Springfield M1A Rifle respectively. High Service, Woman and Senior receive $500 and a Springfield pistol each. The High Junior receives $500 and an additional $500 donated to their Junior Club. Finally the High Grand Senior gets a Springfield 1911 Milspec Pistol.

After the special category winners, $200 each will be awarded to 25 competitors using Lewis Class scoring. If you're in the top 50 competitiros, you'll receive a M1A match medallion.

So what type of M1A can you use? The match allows for any configuration of the M1A rifle. The course of fire is 50 at 300 yards on the MR-65F target, broken down into a sting of 20 slow fire prone shots, 10 rapid fire prone shots, 10 rapid fire kneeling or sitting shots and 10 show fire standing shots.

This year's winners are as follows:

  • Match Winner: Nick Till - Howell, MI - 478-19x
  • 1st Civilian: Kenneth Davis - Lucasville, OH - 469-7x
  • 2nd Civilian: Thomas Rider - Bellefonte, PA - 466-9x
  • 3rd Civilian: Dave Holub - Black Creek, WI - 464-8x
  • High Service: CPT Samuel Freeman, USAR - Hendersonville, NC - 461-11
  • High Woman: Michelle Boyd - La Feria, TX - 440-5x
  • High Senior: Raymond Schramm - Rossford, OH - 469-16x
  • High Grand Senior: Lynn Richter - Fort Wayne, IN - 435-4x


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