By Lars Dalseide | July 22 2014 18:24

Use NRA Grants to improve the safety and quality of your range

Georgia DNR Commissioner Mark Williams has first shot at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center Shotgun Range opening

Fairfax, Virginia - Just because we’re only halfway through the summer of 2014 doesn’t mean you can relax. Sure there’s time for beach, barbecues, lazy days and getaways, but if you want to take care of your range this year then you better get on the ball. Why is that? Because your application for an NRA Range Grant is due August 1.

“It’s a chance to make those improvements you’ve complaining about all year,” said NRA Clubs & Associations Manager Son Nguyen. “Just make sure you get it in under the deadline.”

Now before you start thinking about second stories or a new grill for the club house, know two things; the grants max out at $5,000 per application and the funds must be used for shooting related items. That means baffles, targets, paint, berms, etc… You’re not getting an expresso machine here.

But there is enough to make the range safer. To help make the range more attractive to members, guests, and the community. That’s where you should focus.

“Improving the baffles cuts down the sound which takes away one of the big complaints we here from naysayers in the neighborhood. That’s just one example. You can also fund junior shooting teams, purchase ammunition, host competitions … there’s a lot you can do with an NRA grant.”

As always, preference will be given to Gold Medal Clubs but that doesn't mean the non-Gold Medal clubs are out of luck. As long as your club or association is an incorporated nonprofit entity and you conduct events for the benefit of the general public, you can be considered for an NRA Grant.

So if there’s a pet project you’ve been pining away to complete, and funds are the only obstacle, then think about an NRA Range Grant. You’ve got ten days - get to it.


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