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Buchanan's win is first of many for NRA Smallbore in Bristol, Indiana

Competitors stepping up at the NRA Smallbore 3-Position rifle championships in Indiana

Bristol, Indiana - For the first time in decades, NRA’s Smallbore 3-Positions Championships have departed the wind and shores of Camp Perry for the peaceful pines of the Wa Ke' De range. With 100 shooting points, permanent cover, and a considerable asphalt firing line, the Wa Ke’ De is a gem amongst ranges.

“It’s a beautiful location,” said Smallbore Match Director Howard “H.Q.” Moody. “The community is receptive and our competitors are having a whale of a time.”

But the firsts don’t stop at the change in location. There was a change in the champion too.

A Texas teen by the name of Jacob Buchanan edged out fellow junior Anna Weilbacher along with U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s George Norton and approximately 160 others with a winning total of 2391-129x. His first time at the NRA Nationals, Buchanan made quite the impression on the officials.

“He is such a nice young man,” said Assistant Match Director Victoria Croft. “Very energetic, very gracious, and one heck of a shooter.”

Another change was in the team championship. Combining totals from the Metric and Conventional 3-Position Championships, It was Jeffery Doerschler, Michael O’Connor, Michelle Bohren, and Katie Bridges of team Blackhawk Mixed who walked away with a 9471-541x National Team Championship title.

“This is the first year for the title and the first time we’ve been able to use scores from both championships,” Moody explained. “Just another benefit of holding Smallbore here at Wa Ke' De.”

With so many firsts, one has to wonder if there are any more surprises left in Smallbore?

“Could be,” said Moody with a cagey smile. “Could be.”

Competitor strapping up for another round of NRA Smallbore Rifle Championships

NRA Smallbore Rifle Position Championships
Convention 3-Position

Place Name Score
1 Jacob Buchanan 2391.129x
2 George Norton 2390.166x
3 Michael Dickinson 2390.156x
4 Henry Gray 2386.145x
5 Sarah Beard 2384.154x

NRA Smallbore Rifle Position Championships
Grand Team Aggregate

Place Name Score
1 Blackhawk Mixed 9471.542x
2 CSRRA Gold 9457.491x
3 Queen Anne Gold 9440.455x

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