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From Applied Ballistics - Applied Ballistics Announces iOS Version of Mobile App

Applied Ballistics Announces iOS Version of Mobile App

Highly-Demanded Ballistics Software Now Available for Apple Devices

Cedar Springs, Michigan – Applied Ballistics is excited to announce the official release of the highly-anticipated iOS version of their mobile app, “Applied Ballistics Mobile”; allowing Apple iPhone and tablet owners to download and take advantage of the ballistic computing software that has become popular on the Android platform.

The Applied Ballistics Mobile App runs a Point Mass ballistic solver; the state of the art ballistic solver calculates long-range rifle trajectories, and along with the library of ballistic coefficients provided by Bryan Litz, makes this the most accurate and complete ballistics app available.

The program integrates the equations of ballistic motion numerically, using a 4th-order Runge-Kutta method ; the standard way of solving dynamic equations of motion in aircraft and missile simulations.  Former missile design engineer, ballistician and President of Applied Ballistics, LLC, Bryan Litz wrote this solver, which is common among many of the Applied Ballistics devices – providing the same accuracy you expect.

The application also comes with G1 and G7 BC’s for over 1,300 bullets- allowing users to easily select their bullet and have its data loaded into each individual ammo profile automatically.

 “Applied Ballistics is thrilled to announce the release of this highly-sought iOS version of the Applied Ballistics mobile app,” stated Litz.  “We have worked extensively on this product with intense development to ensure we continue to offer our loyal customers with a solution to their ballistics computing.  With the success of the Android version of the application – which was launched 2 years ago, the demand for the iOS version has been high, and we are excited to now offer a version that is compatible with iPhone as well.”

The new mobile app accounts for all major and minor trajectory variables that a shooter could encounter. The app displays single shot solutions in HUD view or Reticle view, as well as multi-shot solutions in Reticle view, table and graph.

Shooters can enter their observed drop-at range and the program will calibrate; incorporating muzzle velocity and drop-scaling over various segments of the trajectory to ‘true’ the predictions based on actual bullet impact.

A web-sync feature allows you to store your rifle and ammunition libraries online for quick retrieval, as users are able to backup all the profiles online or restore them to a device.  

Available now through iTunes, the Applied Ballistics Mobile App costs $29.99, and requires iOS 7.0 or later for proper functionality. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, this app is optimized for iPhone 5.


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