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Army Marksmanship Unit holds top spots in NRA National Championship

Female shooter waits for a break to fire at NRA Smallbore Rifle Championship

Bristol, Indiana - The rain has returned.

Here with no where near the fury or bluster that accompanied yesterday's storm, today's downpour is still making an impact. Add the drizzle to the already brisk conditions (expecting a high of 65 degrees today) and you've got quite the collection of chilly competitors. But that's how you build a champion.

"You have to overcome all sorts of obstacles to win," said Match Director Howard "H.Q." Moody. "The pressure, the temperature, the rain or the sun. It's all part of the game."

The first relay of the day, officially known as Relay 2, is scheduled to wrap up around 1:00pm this afternoon. That's when we'll know who has a shot at the crown. That's because the man in the lead is shooting Relay 2.

Dan Lowe finished yesterday's relay with a grand total score of 1162-050. Enough for an eleven point lead over the next guy on the block. A feat that today's chill and downpour could hamper.

"Every little thing affects the shot," Moody explained. "A gust of wind, a drop of rain, a heat plume. Just because someone comes into the day with a lead doesn't mean he's going to leave with it."

As of now, here's where Dan entered the day as well as list of those on the trail to topple him.

Rifle at the Ready during NRA National Metric matches in Bristol

NRA Smallbore Rifle Championships
Metric 3-Position

Place Name Score
1 Dan Lowe 1162.050
2 Henry Gray 1151.046
3 George Norton 1151.045
4 Sarah Beard 1151.045
5 Erin McNeil 1146.040
6 Virginia Thrasher 1146.040
7 Michael Dickinson 1146.036
8 Katie Bridges 1144.048
9 Remington Lyman 1144.044
10 Spencer Cap 1143.041


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