By Lars Dalseide | July 15 2014 08:00

First day of Smallbore Rifle in Indiana begins with Metric 3-Position

Competitor waits for the wind at NRA's Smallbore Rifle Metric Championships in Bristol

Bristol, Indiana - Today marks the opening of Day Two at NRA's 2014 National Smallbore Rifle Metric Championships. The final day of the Metric Championships. The one filled with promise.

Promise for those who find themselves somewhere near the top of the leaderboard. Day One's events, Standing, Kneeling, and Prone, all shot with Metallic Sights, left some in better shape than others.

"Prone went really well which is good because I've been working on that," said Kamilla from Minnesota. "Standing was good but there's always room for improvement. Kneeling ... I look forward to working on kneeling tomorrow.

Rifles at the ready during NRA's Smallbore Metric Championships

"Standing was a little tricky because the ground slopes upward a little bit so you have to watch where you put your feet."

Watch being the operative word.

Most are lost in the images of competition. The keen amount of concentration applied to every breath, heart beat, and trigger pull. But watch a bit more and you'll see the exhilaration in every shot. The joy in gathering with like-minded competitors to share your thoughts, insights, and triumphs with strangers and friends alike.

With that in mind we give you a look around Day One at the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Metric Championships.

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