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Title winners and past champs gather at NRA Pistol Championships for team win

Colorado's State Pistol Team

Port Clinton, Ohio - They say you're never shooting against the competition ... only against yourself. If your performance continues to improve then that's all that matters. But there are times when you are shooting for more. More than individual performance. When you're shooting for others. For teammates.

Ohio Rifle Association's Junior Pistol Team

"There's a lot of trust involved," a member of the New York State Pistol Team told me. "You do your job and trust your teammates will do theirs."

The Coast Guard Pistol Team

It's a difficult concept for some.

Some arrived without ever meeting their teammates. Chosen for their performance at matches throughout their states or service, the individual performance is still up to the individual. But unlike the individual matches, there is the call for coaching.

Michigan State Police Pistol Team

"If you have a bad habit, no matter how small, sometimes it takes someone who never saw you shoot before to point out the problem. So in a sense, these team matched help with your overall performance."

Team Springfield

That's the basic idea when it comes to the team matches here at the National Pistol Championships in Camp Perry. Fired in the afternoon after a (hopefully) successfully morning shoot, there's everything from two-man to three-man to four-man teams. Centerfire, .22, and .45 matches all rolled up into one.

Team from Cabot Guns

Here's what we can tell you so far.

SA PARDINI USA took two-man .22 with a final count of 582-29 while Team Zero Gold captured the four-man with 1168-51x.

The Maryland State Pistol Team

Coincidentally enough, Team Zero Gold also captured the four-man Centerfire crown after firing a 1158-45x while SA PARDINI USA fell to the US Marine Corps Reserve team and their total of 576-16x.

Les Baer Pistol Team

The three-man team, shot after the preliminaries, went to USAR Black after topping USAMU Grey by a count of 880-42x to 876-40x.

The Pistol Team from the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

The final team matches, overall and .45, will be available once today's relays come to close. Until then, stay tuned and happy shooting.

Pistol Team from Australia

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