By Lars Dalseide | July 11 2014 10:00

Marine takes first title in NRA National Pistol competition in Ohio

Shooter lines up for NRA's Preliminary Pistol Championship at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - The first title taken at the NRA National Pistol Championships is not part of the championships at all. Let me say that again ... the first title taken at the RNA National Pistol Championships is not part of the overall championships. That's because it's the prelim.

"They shoot the same guns, the same 900 shots, but it's more about preparing for the championships than winning them," explain Pistol Match Director Tom Hughes. "Almost a warm up."

Warm up or not, the Preliminary Pistol Championships still comes with a title, awards, and the envy of those who weren't prepared for the first bite at the apple. It means you're tested, firing true and ready to take on the aggregate charge.

"Day One is a championship," said Hughes. "It just doesn't count towards the overall Championship."

Confused? Think how I feel. And I just finished talking to the guy who put it all together.

Basically it goes like this: almost all of the 700+ competitors signed up for the National Pistol Championships take three relays in a day to send 900 shots downrange. They shoot a .22, a .45, and a centerfire pistol. They shoot from 25 and 50 yards. And they shoot for score.

No matter what it counts for, there are a few who earned the right to be named ... so here they are:

Shooters from the Illinois State Rifle & Pistol Association firing at the NRA Pistol Championship at Camp Perry

NRA National Pistol Championships
Preliminary Pistol

Place Name Score
1 Johnathan Shue 882-43x
2 Michael Gasser 873-26x
3 Greg Markowski 872-42x
4 Brian Zins 872-34x
5 Charles Holt 868-29x

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