By Lars Dalseide | June 21 2014 13:40

Supica and Schreier on History 2's United Stuff of America, American Firepower

United Stuff of America is a cross-country treasure hunt Fairfax, Virginia - Earlier this year, NRA Museum's Jim Supica and Philip Schreier were contacted about a new show on History Channel. Seems they were in need of a little firearm insight and thought the boys could help. After two failed attempts, thanks to the recent snowmagedons, our Gun Gurus made the trip to New York City for a day's worth of filming for the new show — United Stuff of America.

"Originally the show was titled Hunt for History," Schreier said with a grin. "But United Stuff works too."

Here's a little bit about the show;

How did a ticket to a boxing match seal the fate of notorious mobster Lucky Luciano? What does a farmer’s seed planter have to do with making America a superpower? And how did an X-Ray machine give Teddy Roosevelt the keys the White House? Sometimes the biggest moments depend on the smallest details–and the most ordinary objects. Buried in attics, hidden in private collections, and secreted away in the rarely seen archives are artifacts, objects and curiosities that come together to tell the epic story of America.

From the producers of Pawn Stars and featuring Rick Harrison, United Stuff of America is a cross-country treasure hunt that uncovers America’s most fascinating stuff, and the unexpected stories it reveals about us and our most epic and notorious moments. This isn’t history from a textbook; it’s history that you can hold in your hands.

Airing tonight at 10pm on History Channel 2, the Gun Guru's episode of United Stuff of America (titled American Firepower) will touch on a few of the National Firearms Museums' favorites. Namely Dirty Harry's Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum and the famed Thompson Machine Gun.

"We're honored to bring the stories of these magnificent firearms to the History Channel tonight," said Supica. "Hopefully it's the first of many."

So heat up the popcorn, round up some drinks or set your DVR for History 2 tonight at 10 eastern. Join the boys as they share the stories about the stuff that makes up America.

Dirty Harry Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum at the NRA Museum

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