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Tactical Police Competition in Virginia brings out the best in shotgun skills

Competitors smoking shotgun at NRA's Tactical Police Competition in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - Everyday, the men and women across America patrol the streets looking for the bad guy. Striving with every step to protect to public from the dangers which lurks around every corner. While undertaking such a monumental task, these men and women head onto the streets with a few basic tools — a pistol, a shotgun, a rifle and their wit.

Realist realize that they can't spend every day on patrol. And when they aren't on the streets, odds are they are training. Something as simple as drawing their firearm, dry firing, or practicing the latest takedown techniques. Or, as was the case last weekend here in Fairfax, taking part in an NRA Tactical Police Competition.

In a mad run from start to finish, competitors were placed in high stressed situations and asked to take on the targets situated throughout six separate courses in a set amount of time. The quickest of which was the Shotgun Skill Maze.

Now we're not saying these men and women weren't having fun. After all, spending a day out on the range has plenty of opportunity for pleasure. But it's more than that. It's training. It's shooting and moving and thinking how to complete a task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Skeet explodes on shot at the NRA Tactical Police Competition in Fairfax

Here's how the Shotgun Skills Maze played out.

Starting with five rounds (four live and one dummy), competitors stand in the middle of a wall. Behind said wall are fourteen clay targets accessible though a variety of openings, doors, corners and portals. You have a shotgun, a bag of ammo, and a good pair of shoes.


NRA Tactical Police Competition
Patrol Division

Place Name Department Time (in seconds)
1 Shaw Lancaster County Sheriff's Office 44.83
2 Swinford Montgomery County Police Department 47.07
3 Lloyd Lancaster County Sheriff's Office 47.16
4 McInvaille Lancaster County Sheriff's Office 48.00
5 Pearce Richmond Police Department 49.24

Firing through an opening at the Shotgun Skills Maze at an NRA Tactical Police Competition

NRA Tactical Police Competition
Tactical Division

Place Name Department Time (in seconds)
1 Kamensky Montgomery County Police Department 42.97
2 Windsor Wake County Sheriff's Office 48.42
3 Clevenger York County Sheriff's Office 48.90
4 Duckworth USPS OIG 53.20
5 Naffziger Lewisville Police Department 53.52

Using a shotgun portal at the NRA Tactical Police Competition in Fairfax

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