By Lars Dalseide | May 31 2014 12:15

Law Enforcement from around the nation's capital come together in a test of skills

Shotgun shooter finds his mark at NRA Tactical Police Competition

Fairfax, Virginia - Under the dark and dingy drizzle-threating skies of Fairfax County arrived a select group of individuals. Men and women who wake every morning with you in mind. Men and women who strap on a gun, pin on a badge, and head out to protect and serve. Today they exercise that duty through another form; competition.

Here for the NRA’s 2014 Fairfax Tactical Police Competition are deputies, sheriffs, constables and agents from around the national's capital. All putting their skills to the test in a race against time and accuracy.

“It might sound like fun, but it’s a lot of work,” explained Law Enforcement Competition Manager Marc Lipp. “Some people will not go home happy.”

That’s because NRA’s Tactical Police Competitions don’t pull any punches. It is what it is — a measurement of skills in a situation meant to be intense.

“We push them here so they’ll be prepared if they ever have to draw their gun,” said Lipp. “Yes it’s a competition, but it’s also training. Training you’re not going to find squeezing off a few with your buddies at the range.”

Competitors of all shapes and sizes are welcome to arrive with two very separate sets of firearms — patrol and tactical. Patrol means that's what you carry out in the field and Tactical is, well, tactical means an optic on a rifle or a semi-auto shotgun ... not much more than that.

Running and gunning on the pistol course at NRA's Tactical Police Competition Some are firearm specific (Cruiser Bail is handgun only, Shotgun Skill Maze is shotgun only) while others, like 'So you want to practice with Three Guns', make you break out all three.

With no blind courses on today's schedule, competitors are welcome to walk each course in order to develop a plan of attack. But just like all plans, they tend to do go pot once the buzzer sounds.

"What we're trying to do is instill muscle memory," said Lipp. "Get them so they reach in the right direction, know how to execute a tactical reload and beyond anything else be safe out there.

"If they earn a few prizes along the way ... all the better."

For more on NRA's Tactical Police Competitions, visit their website at


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