By Lars Dalseide | May 23 2014 10:03

Tactical Shooting Instructor school enters the rifle phase in Texas

Constable Jerry Raburn of Denton County Precinct #3 practices a seated firing position prior to live-fire exercises.

After another long day of training, NRA Law Enforcement Competitor & Tactical Police Competition RO Mike Lane returns with his tales of eighteen students undertaking a five-day Tactical Shooting Instructor course in Lewisville, Texas.

Lewisville, Texas - What a great day of training!

Instructing students on the tactical application of the AR-15 patrol rifle was the main focus of our second day in NRA's Tactical Shooting Instructor course. Continuing to build upon everything we learned yesterday during the duty handgun stage, our NRA Staff Instructors really put us through the paces out on the range.

There was so much movement and shooting that we actually started to draw a group of firefighters off in the distance. Taking a break from their arson investigation class, they soon built into a small crowd of fans

Hey, guess even firefighters need heroes too, right!?!

That is actually one of the nicer benefits of holding classes at this new training facility. The ability to train both police and fire personnel on the same grounds and, depending on the circumstances, alongside one another, really has its benefits. Lewisville Police & Fire have always been known to This incredibly detailed 18’ foot tall statue titled ‘Slicker Shy’ sits out front of Lewisville City Hall amid an arrangement of fountains and pools.share a great working relationship and I expect that will continue to grow thanks to the addition of this new facility.

Lewisville Police Department is comprised of 154 sworn officers serving a population of well over 100,000. Like many other urbanized areas of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, our population increases dramatically during the work week. Despite the recent explosion in growth, Lewisville has kept true to its motto of “Deep Roots & Bright Future.”

As visitors travel around the city, the motto is nowhere more evident than on the grounds of City Hall. There in the shadow of a beautiful modern building stands an 18 foot tall bronze sculpture depicting a cowboy on his horse. The building itself is quite grand and well representative of the city’s progress while the western sculpture stands there reminding viewers of a much different time.

Okay, enough crowing about the hometown. I imagine most of you probably came here to read about advanced firearms training rather than travel, correct?

Well then here a few more of the topics covered throughout Day #2:

  • Maintaining a Mobile Shooting Stance
  • Immediate Rifle to Handgun Transition Drills
  • Scanning of immediate threat as well as other potential threat sources
  • Movement in congested areas utilizing the 'Safety Circle'
  • Proper carry condition of rifle while on patrol
  • Reloading & various malfunction clearance techniques

Tomorrow: Coaching the student on the proper use of both of these firearm platforms and recognizing areas where improvement can be made. Looking forward to it!

Coaches guiding their students through a movement exercise originating from the 50 yard line.

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