By Lars Dalseide | May 22 2014 10:05

The Sportsman's Paradise celebrating the shooting sports and 2nd Amendment at the DMV

Louisiana State Seal Baton Rouge, Louisana - Who looks forward to stopping by the DMV? Nobody I know.

A never-ending exaggerated cycle of uncomfortable chairs, distorted speaker systems, lines as long as Star Wars sequel and a ... you get the picture.

Well now the residents of Louisiana have a reason to look forward to a visit to the DMV — NRA license plates.

Passed by the state legislature with an overwhelming vote of 95-0, the National Rifle Association prestige license plates will begin arriving on your neighborhood bumpers as soon as the first 1,000 are ordered. That means you need to contact the Louisiana office of Motor Vehicles today.

So what does the plate look like? We can't tell you that.

No, it's not a secret, it's just the 'official' version has yet to be designed. That honor goes to the National Rifle Association State Fund who will finalize the look and color of the plate. Now down the brass tax.

There's a $30.00 fee along with an extra $3.50 in administrative costs that comes with the honor of owning one of these plates. And yes, according to the Louisiana office of Motor Vehicles, those fees must be paid each and every time you renew your registration. Typical specialized plates require registration every two years.

Though you won't be able to find the plates on the Louisiana office of Motor Vehicles website yet, they should be arriving any day now.

So if you're a proud resident of the Sportsman's Paradise and you're ready to renew, call office of Motor Vehicles at 225-925-6146 and find out when you can slap an official NRA Louisiana license plate on your vehicle.

And once you do ... send us a picture and we'll run 'em right here on NRAblog.


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