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Officers learn to operate under real world conditions at the Jerry R. Galler Public Safety Training Center

Officer Mike Short performs a rapid magazine change during the middle of the 'El Presidente' drill.
Mike Lane, a longtime competitor and Range Safety Officer for NRA's Tactical Police Competitions is one of eighteen students undertaking a five-day Tactical Shooting Instructor course in Texas.

During the week, Lane will share his experience and outlook on the class, the people and the rest of his time in Texas.

Lewisville, Texas - Wishing to keep his department’s training staff up-to-date with the most advanced, contemporary ideas in modern firearms training techniques, Chief Russell Kerbow of the Lewisville Police Department recently hosted an NRA Instructor Development School at the newly dedicated Jerry R. Galler Public Safety Training Center.

Researched and recommended to him by Lieutenant Kendall Lynn and Sergeant Kenneth Naffziger, it became readily apparent that conducting the training in-house would have many benefits over sending personnel out of town. Logistically the savings proved to be so great that he was able to include others from his department as well as personnel from the Denton County Constable’s office. The chosen course was Tactical Shooting Instructor.

Over the next five days, I endeavor to provide a description of each day’s events.

Day One –

To demonstrate just how quickly an assailant can close a 7 yard reactionary gap, students had to draw and engage targets upon the movement of their training partner.  Here Officer Alvin Bilby begins to deploy    his pistol just as Officer George Reed takes off at a full sprint.

Today started off at 07:30 hours with a total of 18 students in attendance. Our instructors for the week were to be Tim Lynch and Tom Gentry of the NRA Law Enforcement Training Division. Tom was somewhat of a “local” driving up from deep East Texas but Tim, on the other hand, came to us all the way from Maryland. (Surprisingly we didn’t have to spend much time on the long disputed “soda vs. Coke” debate!) Let me tell you, both of these men came from very experienced backgrounds in law enforcement and are well qualified in their field of instruction. Tim had served most of his career assigned to the Philadelphia PD SWAT team while Tom was a longtime lawman and Firearms Instructor from Colorado.

Settling into class, the differences between this course and many other shooting schools I’ve attended quickly became very clear. Although we did cover a quick review of Handgun Marksmanship/Handling and Safety, it was the approach to this material which varied most. Our instructors were very proficient at teaching us ways to relay this information onto our future students and to be able to spot causes in shooting deficiencies.

After lunch, we moved from the classroom over to the range and put much of what we just learned to practice. We paired into two-person “Coach/Shooter” teams and began instructing one another in areas such as:

  • Reloading techniques
  • Malfunction Clearances
  • Trigger Reset Drills
  • Rapid “Flash Sight” Drills
  • Wearing a full duty belt complete with all standard issued gear, Officer Jose Montoya demonstrates proper grip, stance and sight alignment to the watchful eye of NRA Instructor Tim Lynch.
  • Moving off the “X” while returning fire
  • The 21 foot “Tueller” drill

      What was most beneficial about today’s training was not the actual trigger time, but rather the methods learned of being able to recognize the causes of problems and then recommend changes the student can take to correct them.

      Tomorrow: Patrol Rife!


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