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West Virginia's Peacemaker National Training Center hosting 3-Gun match this Saturday

NRA Sports' Samantha Olsen ready for a weekend full of 3-Gun fun

Fairfax, Virginia - You always know what you’re going to see when you run into NRA Sports’ Samantha Olsen — chipper smile, a quick laugh and an enthusiasm for the job that most envy. But what you don’t expect to see, at least on a Thursday, is Sam sporting a jeans and t-shirt combo. Ah, but that’s a good reason for that. She’s got a 3-gun match brewing.

“We’re loading up guns and ammo and heading to the Peacemaker National Training Center tomorrow,” said Olsen. “Tomorrow we set up and Saturday we shoot.”

Starting at 9:00am off of Brannons Ford Road in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, NRA’s .22 3-Gun event at Peacemaker is a full-speed action-packed competition for the up and coming competitor. That’s why it’s .22 3-Gun and that’s why you don’t have to bring your own guns. You heard me and I’ll say it again &dmash; you don’t have to bring your own guns.

“After we, I mean I, finish loading the ammo I’ll be heading back up for the guns.”

Telling me her tale while hefting a cart loaded with .22 and shotgun ammunition through NRA Headquarters, Olsen explained that this is one of more than 20 events schedule throughout the year. Some just one weekend a month, some every weekend of the month. Quite a schedule for a single mom, but she makes it work.

“I was raised around guns and Samuel is being raised around guns too,” she said in the elevator after hitting the the button for the basement. “If the event only covers a day or two then he comes along to the range. When its longer than that, my mom (NRA Youth Training Coordinator Claudia Olsen) is more than happy to spend some extra time with her grandson.”

Finally finding her way through the bowels of the building, Olsen exits out the rear and heads for the parking garage. Guiding the cart down a hill, up an incline and through the garage, she sets a steady pace in the welcoming coolness of the concrete enclosure. Catching her breath, she makes it through the other side, locates the truck and begins the unloading process.

Samantha Olsen pushes a cart full of ammunition through NRA Headquarters Clammering inside the NRA Sports trailer, she heads the two-man team that is our ammo-unloading bucket brigade. With the 18 boxes snugly tucked away, she eyes over the contents … checking for possible problems during travel.

“We’ve got some hills to navigate so I want to make sure everything is exactly where it should be.”

She secures the steel targets, drops a few drapes, and winches in the rest of the contents for Peacemaker. Now all that’s left is the guns.

“That’s the easy part.”

More than 350 people attended last year’s NRA 3-Gun event at Peacemaker. This year they expect to hit the 400 mark. But Sam’s not worried. Everything down to the last bit of ammo is just where it should be. Ready and waiting for action.

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