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Spend Sunday with Ted Nugent, the M-16, and the future of America's Shooting Sports

NRA Welcome signs along the streets of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana - Everyone knows what today marks the final day of NRA's Annual Meeting and Exhibits starts a little later than the rest. How late? Just an hour. Understandable when consider the late night festivities put on by Sarah Palin, Sarah Evans, Oliver North, and country super group Alabama at the Stand and Fight Rally last night.

Right about now you have a moment to breath, and maybe a little extra time to squeeze in your regular Sunday morning activities, here's a look at six singular special events you can look forward to on Sunday.

NRA Clubs & Associations Workshop

If you wanted to know when NRA Clubs & Associations puts on their workshop, it's the final day of the Annual Meeting. Usually it's a rundown of all the NRA programs and activities you can employ are you local club, group or shooting team. But this time, yes this time, we're putting a twist on that workshop.

NRA Sports — A new department within the NRA built specifically to highlight the cutting edge programs of the NRA. Here you'll learn about special projects including Range Development, 3-Gun events, Hunter Services, and the Women's Wilderness Escape. Each offering an extra oomph to every club or associations operation as we strive to expand the attraction of America's shooting sports.

You'll find this seminar starting at 10:00am in rooms 235-236.

NRA Women's New Energy Breakfast

No, we're not talking green drinks and gluten-free favorites here. The New Energy Breakfast, after all, isn't about the food … it's about the people.

This women-only continental breakfast provides you the opportunity to meet the fresh faces of the NRA who are making a difference. Meet the women of the NRA—staff, board members and volunteers—socialize with other like-minded female NRA members women and learn about the many programs and outreach efforts just for the women of NRA.

Now this is a ticketed event so if you're not in possession of said ticket when you walk into rooms 133-134 this morning at 9:30am then you'll have to search for your morning meal elsewhere.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent on stage at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Do I have to say anything else? Probably not. But what the heck, here's a quick spiel for the Motor City Madman.

Uncle Ted is offering a twofer. First there's his seminar at 1:00pm in the Sagamore Ballroom. Titled Second Amendment: now more than ever, The Nuge will hold court for a little more than an hour with his own brand of zeal, bravado and gusto reserved only for the faithful. But wait … there's more.

Right after the seminar you'll find Board Member Ted Nugent sitting inside the same ballroom signing his personally penned publication known as Ted, White and Blue.

A Teddy twofer. Does it get any better than that?

US M16: A Half-Century of America's Combat Rifle

The AR-15/M16 and its various forms have served Americans for more than 50 years. The M16 was carried by troops in Vietnam, fired shots in Grenada and Panama, seen two different conflicts in Iraq and remains one of the most trusted firearms the military can offer. This presentation, held at 1:30pm in room 133-135, will cover the history of our Nation’s longest serving combat rifle.

Wild Game Cooking: From Field to Table

Spend an hour with cooking couple Scott and Tiffany Haugen as they teach you how to prepare your big game animal from field to table. The lessons include how to properly field dress big game, skinning, boning out meat in the field and preparing the cuts at home. You'll also learn how to store and cook some of the more popular cuts, as well as the least popular to help you get the most out of your big game animal.

If this is that last piece that you've been waiting to add to your complete hunter package, then get to room 130 by 2:00pm.

NRA Youth Day

The phrase "doing it for the kids" is often overused. But in this case it couldn't be more true.

Running from 10:00am to 5:00pm in the Wabash Ballroom, the NRA Youth Day is an unbelievable collection of fun filled shooting and hunting centered activities that focuses on the kids. Unleash the little ones as they take part in Laser Shot, Duck Calling, Pine Car Derbies, Rodeo Roping, Wildlife Identification and AirSoft 3-Gun. Sound good? Here's where it gets even better.

Throughout the day, a cache of shooting celebrities will be on hand to guide the little nippers through this 3-Gun paces. Like who? Like Top Shot celebrities Chris Cheng, Brian Zins and Chris Cerino, Olympic shooting star Sarah Beard, Team Smith & Wesson's Randi Rogers and U.S. National Rifle Team member Anette "30-Cal-Gal" Wacther.

If your little ones are in need of some inspiration to pursue their shooting dreams then they need not look any further.

After the breakfast plates are put away, Ted goes quiet, and the celebrities return to their regular lives, it will be time for you to do the same. To make the trip back home with only the memories of your days here in Indianapolis in tow. The products you saw, the friends you made and the knowledge that your efforts to preserve and protect the Second Amendment are not in vain.

Be well, be safe, and make the most out of your final day at the NRA 2014 Annual Meetings & Exhibits.

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