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NRA Meeting of the Members starts with the new and ends with the older

Maurey Addelman, the oldest NRA Life Member at the NRA Convention in Indy

Indianapolis, Indiana - At any NRA Convention, there is nothing more important than the Annual Meeting of Members. That's where things get done.

Resolutions are passed, members address the leadership, and agendas for the new legislative season are rolled out for all to see. But unlike those suppers at your mom's kitchen table, this event serves up the desserts first. The recognition of the youngest and oldest life members of the NRA.

"Usually this exercise turns into an opportunity to pick on me," NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said with a laugh. "But let's get started anyway. How many people here were born in 2004 or after?"

With twenty or so heads rinsing from the crowd, LaPeirre kept cutting away at the age range as the pool of eligible contestants dwindled until he was under the one year mark.

"What about 2014," asked LaPierre. "We have this many from 2014? Wow, we're going to need a delivery room in here."

Soon enough the list of eligibles fell to one. A Ms. Elizabeth Ann from Spring, Texas born in February of 2014.

"She's a little quite right now," said father Matt. "But thanks you for a memory that will last a lifetime."

Then came the battle for the oldest.

Starting with the opening of World War II (that's 1939 for all you history majors out there), LaPierre work his way to the 20s, the late 20s, until readying 1926.

Enter Morey Aedlemann of Richmond, Indiana.

"You better not have made a mistake, I'm not walking all the way up there for nothing," he said as he took the stage.

Spry for a man of 88, Mr. Aedlemann arrived at the microphone with a smile on his face and a story to share.

Youngest NRA Life Member at hte Meeting of Members in Indianapolis "I'm just happy to be here and I hope to be around for a while longer.

"I just hunted in Africa last September so I still have the will to hunt. The main thing for me is that I got a great wife, Sheighla. The best thing that you can acquire in life is a great wife. If I can't take her then I don't go."

With that, the two (young Ms. Elizabeth and the older Mr. Morey) join a collection of photographers and Mr. LaPierre for a quick photo-op.

Awash in their new celebrity, Ms. E took the opportunity to knock out another nap while Morey returned to Sheighla. Both happily content with their choice.


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