By Lars Dalseide | April 7 2014 15:52

NRA News breaks into the NRA Museum vault for another glimpse at World War II revolver

The Colt Commando Revolver circa WWII

Fairfax, Virginia - You know it's going to be a good day on Curator's Corner when you hear Philip Schreier say that this is one of his favorite guns. Being that Phil is the Senior Curator for NRA Museums, a favorite gun of Phil's has to be something special. This one is.

Fresh from the friendly confines of the NRA Museum vault, Phil brings out the quasi-rare Colt Commando Revolver. A World War II era four-inch six-shooter that brings a bit of economic efficiency encased in the design.

As the story goes, the Defense Supplies Corporation (who supplied arms for potential domestic targets during the war) was looking for a less expensive version of the Colt Police revolver. Less expensive and easy to make.

An open Colt Commando Revolver at the NRA Museum in Fairfax "As part of the special line of little .38 Colts that came out at that time, this one experience an expedited manufacturing call," explained Schreier. "That's why the Commandos come with a parkerized finish instead of the standard blue as well as the round, plastic grips."

Those two steps, and a few others, help reduce the price point of the Commando by almost $4 a gun. Not too shabby when you're purchasing about 50,000 units, no?

Now most people might come across those plastic grips and just keep on walking. Big mistake.

"When I do my pan and scan at the gun shows, walking down the aisles real quick, I see these brown grips sticking out then I come to a complete halt," said Phil. "This is one of those items that stop me dead in my tracks. It's a real find."

To see the Commando up close, or just spend a little more time inside the National Firearms Museum, join Phil and NRA News Executive Producer John Popp as they bring another beauty to your big screen tv around 6:40pm eastern on the Sportsman Channel.

Down the barrel of a Colt Commando Revolver at the National Firearms Museum

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