By Kyle Jillson | March 30 2014 15:40

Student athletes finish championships with America's oldest shotgun sport

2014 ACUI American Trap Championship in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - The final day of the 2014 ACUI Clay Target Championship ends with probably the first shotgun sport people encounter - American Trap. Easy to learn and very forgiving on new shooters, American Trap is the championships' most popular match. It featured a total of 597 of the 633 shooters who showed up this year.

In American Trap, clays are thrown in steady, smooth arcs contrasting the harder to hit International Trap clays which are thrown faster, further, and with the zero to three second delay. Competitors rotate five stations, taking five shots at each for a maximum of 25 points per round. Without needing to change stations after every shot, a group of American Trap shooters work themselves up a smooth cadence, working through a round very quickly.

The ease of shooting American Skeet translates to higher scores, meaning a lot of ties at the top of the leaderboard.

In the men's division, seven shooters tied for first with perfect 100s. The ladies' division also saw two 100s along with a five-way tie for third at 98.

We're in the midst of breaking all these ties to determine the individual winners, and then it's on to the closing awards ceremony, where Lindenwood University will receive their eleventh ACUI Clay Target Championship in a row.


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