By Lars Dalseide | March 23 2014 11:44

Professional Outdoor Media Association names All Star team in Tennessee

Tony Bynum, Bill Miller, Kevin Tate, Tammy Sapp, J. Wayne Fears and J. Craig Haney during POMA's Pinnacle Award Ceremony in Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee - Everyone appreciates a pat on the back. A 'well done' or 'atta boy' from friends, family and coworkers is usually enough for more. But for some, those driven few who can't help but shine, whose work exceeds expectations at every glance, a pat on the back only goes so far. It is their work, and not their ego, that demands recognition. In the Outdoor Industry, those individuals receive such recognition in the form of the Pinnacle Awards.

Handed out during the Professional Outdoor Media Association's annual business conference, the Pinnacle awards were presented this year by Mossy Oak.

"The outdoor media has always been a key part of what we do," stated Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. We started our company with their help and we've grown it with the same. They're our business partners as well as our friends."

The Pinnacle Awards honor journalists for remarkable achievement in traditional outdoor sports-focused communications, including writing, photography/illustration/art, broadcasting as well as content focused on wildlife conservation.

""We're proud to sponsor the Pinnacle Awards to recognize the best of the best every year," added Kevin Tate, vice president of media production at Mossy Oak. "It's an important way to reward excellence in outdoor journalism and encourage more in the future."

  • Winner - Frank Miniter, "Public Land Deer Hunting: How to Save America's Whitetail Woods", Outdoor Life Blogs
  • Outstanding Achievement - Darren Warner, "Dredging Disastrous to Waterfowl in Mississippi Delta",
  • Winner - Frank Miniter, "A Hero for the Next Generation", America's First Freedom
  • Outstanding Achievement - Brenda Valentine, "Quit Calling", Mossy Oak Gamekeepers
  • Winner - Tammy Sapp , "What Women Ought to Know About Hunting and Killing", American Hunter
  • Outstanding Achievement - Tammy Sapp, "The Only Girl in Camp", American Hunter; Doug Gilmer, "Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo - We All Have a Choice", The Call: When Faith Goes Afield
  • Winner - Bill Miller, "Kalkomey's Handgun Safety Course",
  • Outstanding Achievement - Dan Small, "Deer Hunt Wisconsin", WMVS-TV
  • Winner - Tony Zappia, "Retriever with Training Buoy", The Retriever Journal
  • Outstanding Achievement - Tim Christie, "Strippin' & Lickin'"; Tony Bynum, "Bull Elk Bugle", American Hunter
  • Winner - J. Wayne Fears and J. Craig Haney, "Backcountry Letters", Amazon/Kindle
  • Outstanding Achievement - Angelo Peluso, "Fly Fishing the Surf"; James Collyer, "Buck Naked"

Our congratulations to all the winners and nominees.


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