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Learn the laws of every state when it comes to firearm ownership and transportation

Learn the gun laws of every state in the United States with Bryan L. Ciyou's 'Gun Laws By State'

NRAstore Sales Manager Dirk Grove steps to the plate this morning with an offering that promises to keep you safe as well as provide a little insight to your rights and responsibilities as a gun owner ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Laws exist everywhere.

When it comes to firearms, however, there are SO MANY different laws in SO MANY different places that it’s difficult for you to know (much less understand) what your rights are – and, more importantly, what they are not.

Because most folks out there live busy lives, figuring out where to find the various firearms laws (and then deciphering the legal speak) in order to stay current with local, state and federal gun laws can be an overwhelming undertaking. And that’s where Gun Laws By State comes in handy.

That means now you can get your hands on ALL America's Gun Laws – all in one convenient location.

Gun Laws By State – 2014 Edition is the first of its kind, because it clearly unravels the complicated (and confusing) web of state and federal laws that govern the carry and transportation of firearms. Written by prominent gun law attorney and author, Bryan L. Ciyou, ESQ., Gun Laws By State covers: reciprocal carry of all 50 states, constitutional and federal law, use of force, criminal provisions, civil and criminal liability, preemption, federal property, interstate transportation and HR 218.

As NRA members, we have an obligation to practice lawful and responsible gun ownership. And the new Gun Laws By State – 2014 Edition makes it easy!  You owe it to yourself to check out this book and many other informative volumes in our vast NRA Library at

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