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Hunting gear and accessories for Mom, Dad, and the little ones

Camo filled hunting turkeys with mom and dad Jeff Johnston covers you from head to toe in the perfect turkey hunting camo

Comfortable Turkey Camo for Your Whole Family
Unlike the regular fall hunting season, hunting turkeys in the spring calls for head-to-toe camouflage and clothing that allows the family to stay cool.

Spring turkey season is likely the best season of all to take the family hunting. Unlike deer hunting where you generally sit and freeze in a stand, a turkey hunt is an active hunt in delightful weather where the skills of woodsmanship, stealth, calling and maneuvering are utilized each time out. The downside? It’s tough to be successful if your youngster is fidgety, because wild turkeys have the keenest eyes in all of the woods. Anyone who’s hunted these birds knows they can see in color, and can spot the slightest movement from 100 yards away. Camouflage clothing is essential for concealing small movements. Additionally, springtime weather is generally cool in the early morning but warms up quickly. Therefore, lightweight, layered clothing is preferred. Here are some turkey-specific camouflaged clothing choices for the entire family so you can hunt comfortably now and eat wild turkey later.

For Dad
Redhead Stalker Lite II Camo Pants (34.99) and Long Sleeve Shirt (24.99) in Mossy Oak Obsession camo pattern is lightweight for warm-season hunting yet will not break the bank. The durable pants have six pockets for carrying much of your gear, and stretchable material that resists ripping—and your child from laughing—when you sit down to call.

It’s fitting for the old man of the family to buy a vest from Ol’ Tom. The company’s Time and Motion Turkey Vest ($120) is well designed with its specific gear pockets and padded seat. Worn zipped, it will keep your core warm on chilly mornings, yet allows freedom of movement. When the weather heats up by mid-morning, simply unzip it. For turkey hunting a vest is a must-have for keeping your calls and accoutrements organized and handy.

For any hunting you do, a good pair of comfortable, quiet and waterproof boots is an essential, so your footwear is not the place to skimp. Danner makes some of the best boots in the business, but its Jackal II ($140) is not overly priced. Its 1000 Denier nylon upper is tough as nails, yet lightweight and fully camouflaged with Realtree’s APG HD pattern that’s perfect for the spring woods. Its rubber Phantom outsole provides silent traction even across wet rocks. Most importantly, a Gore-Tex lining keeps your feet dry and happy all day long.

For Mom or Teen Daughter
Prois is a relatively new company that makes apparel designed specifically for women. It’s pricey, but it will fit her, and when she’s comfortable, so is the whole family. The company’s lightweight Ultra Pants ($119) and Ultra Longsleeve Shirt ($56) are made for the spring woods. The pants feature a women’s style boot cut made from polyester fabric that the company touts as soft, sturdy, silent and snag resistant. It has ample pockets that use silent magnetic closures. The Ultra Longsleeve t-shirt is a lightweight polyester shirt with a mock-turtle neck. It will keep her cool, camouflaged and guarded against insects. Wear it alone or as a base layer.

The Pro-edition Jacket ($229) from Prois is a good idea even for turkey season because the springtime air can be chilly in mornings before dawn, and you can’t have her shivering in the woods and expect to call a turkey into her gun. It’s made of three-ply fabric including a laminate to stop the wind. Its outer layer is silent and water resistant. The garment is form-fitting for her, yet allows easy movement. Thumbholes keep the sleeves where they need to be.

Respected boot maker Wolverine makes a great waterproof camo boot for women called the Panther ($115). It even has a touch of pink on its lace. Features include 8-inch, full-grain leather and 1000 Denier nylon uppers that make it lightweight and flexible, yet extremely tough. Its OrthoLite footbed provides great support for flatland walking and hill traversing, and its rubber outsole is grippy and quiet. This boot can be used for fall and winter seasons with its 600 grams of Thinsulate. Plus, it just looks good on her.

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