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President's Day shotguns and pistols from Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Cleveland at Bass Pro Shops

President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Winchester Model 21 Shotgun

Fairfax, Virginia - There have been a few changes to the guns on display at the National Firearms Museum since the last President's Day.

Long story short ... they're not here any more.

Well, yes, there are still about 3,000 guns on display here in Fairfax. But they're not the same guns. 1,000 of them are new.

So where did the other guns go? To the National Sporting Arms Museum at the Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri.

Guns like the Model 21 Shotgun owned by President Dwight David Eisenhower. Presented to the President by the President of Coca-Cola, this side-by-side .20 gauge comes personalized with Ike's initials and five stars.

President Grover Cleveland's 8 Gauge Colt Shotgun

Sitting beside Eisenhower's shotgun is a shotgun once owned by Grover Cleveland.

Grover, oddly enough, was not the President's first name. His first name was Stephen. Chalk it up to the times.

"A totally unique piece, it's the only 8 gauge that Colt ever," Museum Director Jim Supica tells us. "A very big gun owned by a very big man."

A sheriff, a mayor, a governor as well as an avid outdoorsman, Cleveland named four justices to the Supreme Court and was the only president to be married in the White House and serve two nonconsecutive terms.

Finally we land on President Theodore Roosevelt.

President Teddy Roosevelt's Fabrique Nationale Model 1900 Semi Automatic Pistol

While the Fairfax museum still exhibits a number of items from Teddy's personal collection (including his Rough Rider gear, souvenirs from the 1909 African safari and a smattering of rifles), there are a few firearms that found their way to Missouri.

With a tight English scroll engraving and mother of pearl grips, this .32 APC by Fabrique Nationale is what President Roosevelt kept in the White House nightstand. A little bit of elegance and power all rolled up into one.

Three guns of three presidents waiting for you at Bass Pro.

So if you're looking for some President's Day history out in Springfield, Missouri, then swing by the National Sporting Arms Museum. 7,500 square feet of firearm history with a touch of presidential flair.

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