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Gunny R. Lee Ermey, Sausage Making and Trick Shooting Archer on Day Six at Great American

The Shooting Sports Hall at the Great American Outdoor Show

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - As day six of the Great American Outdoor Show kicks off this morning in Harrisburg, the social media universe is all a chatter. No, I’m not talking about the furious stream of reports coming in from the Olympic hotels in Sochi, I’m talking about the feedback we’re receiving on Great American.

Take a look for yourself ...

Facebook mentions on Great American Outdoor Show page

Not too bad, aye?

With that in mind, here are some of the highlights you should try to see today, February, 6, at the Great American Outdoor Show:

  1. Gunny R. Lee Ermey will be greeting fans at the Great American Outdoor Show in HarrisburgThe Gunny is coming - Okay, so this doesn't officially count as something to see today at Great American. But when people hear that someone along the line of Gunny R. Lee Ermey is coming, they usually appreciate a little advance notice.

    On Friday and Saturday at the Sportsman Channel booth (#6603 in the Hunting Outfitter Hall), Gunny will be on hand to promote his new show Saving Private K-9 - a highlight of military dogs’ battlefield training, heroic accomplishments and relationships with their handlers. Friday's appearance begins at 2:00pm and Saturday's starts at 11:00am.

    So if you're looking for a picture, an autograph, or a chance to hear him scream to "drop and give me 20", then Sportsman is your destination of choice.

  2. Elk Calling Contest - If you're dying to release that inner elk, or blast the bugle, then you need to make yourself available at the Erie Room sometime between noon and 5:00pm for the Elk Calling Contest. Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, this is your chance to blow your boys and the competition away.
  3. Arrow Affliction Crazy Trick Shooting with Chris Brackett - Have you ever seen Chris Brackett? Do you know what kind of crazy shots this sharp shooter can pull off with an arrow and bow? If the answer is no then you need to get to the Small Arena today at 12:30.

    Watch and learn as Chris unleashes his "No Fear" trick shooting style by popping anything out of the air ... even an aspirin. How's that for entertainment?

  4. Legal Do's and Don'ts of Calling 911 After Defending Your Life - If you're ever in the position where you have to defend your life then you're going to have to call the police. While you're on the phone, however, what you say and how you act could leave the wrong impression. Sean Maloney knows a few things about that.

    As an attorney and gun law expert, Maloney explains what to say and how to say it so the responding officers know what really happened out there.

  5. Sausage Making - You kill your own (enter preferred animal here), so why not turn that harvest into your own sausage? Rick Fetrow, a professional meat cutter & further processor with more than 40 years of experience, is here to teach you how.

    We're talking about everything from proper skinning to further processing your take into delicious bologna, sausage, slim jims and jerky.

  6. Refuse To Be A Victim - Have you ever attended one of NRA's Refuse to be a Victim Seminars? If the answer is no then you're missing out.

    One of NRA's non-firearm related programs, Refuse to be a Victim lays out a personal plan of attack to keep you and yours safe. Where to park, what routes to take, what screws to use for your front door and how to act on vacation are just a few of the tips you'll pick up in this 2:45 seminar.

    Single parents, kids headed off to college, workaholics, couch potatoes and just about everyone else out there can benefit from this one hour class in Seminar Room 3.

Think we're leaving something out? Tell us below in the comment section and we'll be sure to include your suggestions in tomorrow's update.

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