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A beast of a gun, the Webley Mark VI was a British favorite in World War I

The .455 chambered Webley Mark VI at the NRA Museum in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - Monday afternoon means it's time to tune to Sportsman Channel for Curator's Corner on NRA News. Also known as Cam & Company, NRANews a live-recorded, up to the minute news program covering the latest events in the firearm industry. And it's the only place you'll find National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Philip Schreier after the work bell sounds.

This week, Phil goes deep into the grab bag for an oldie and a goodie. The Webley Mark VI.

"I first saw this gun on the big silver screen," Schreier began. "I'm talking 70mm with one of the most beautiful scores ever written for film playing in the background as Peter O'Toole filled the screen in David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia. When O'Toole pulled a British Service Revolver from his belt it was a Webley Mark VI. I fell in love with the movie and the revolver all at once."

A Webley Mark VI with the chamber open and ejector in action To quote Phil, this is a beast of a gun.

Chambered in the powerful yet slow moving .455, the Webley Mark VI was issued to british troops on their way to the Western Front. Hundreds of thousands were produced between 1915 and 1923. And if you're the lucky owner of one of these beasts then you're in luck.

"A great thing about British Commonwealth Military Firearms is that there are enough stamps on them that you can get them to talk. If you know what you're looking for, you'll be able to find out where it was made, when it was made and where it was used."

Unfortunately for purist of the Phil variety, they were horrified to learn that Webley VI would not arrive in the American market to true factory specs.

"They shaved off a little of the face of the cylinder here so you could take .45 ACP bullets in a Smith & Wesson or Colt half-moon clip from the 1917 revolvers and stick that in there so you could close and shoot it. They did this because the .455 wasn't readily available. You couldn't just walk into Woolworths or Sears and stock up."

For the full story, tune in this afternoon around 6:40 as Phil fills in the gaps on Sportsman Channel's NRA News.

Front side view of the Webley Mark VI, held by Senior Curator Phil Schreier


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