By Lars Dalseide | January 19 2014 16:25

What you find and what you left behind at this year's SHOT Show

Pack of goodies and souvenirs from the 2014 SHOT Show

Fairfax, Virginia - US Airways flight 478 touched down at Reagan National Airport last night around 8:15. About eight minutes early. Might not seem like much, but after a week of trudging through ten football fields worth of guns, accessories and gear, eight minutes can be a lifetime.

After collecting my bags and ultimately remembering where I parked, I left the a seasonally frigid air of the DC night to the slightly less frigid interior of my car and collapsed. I was home. Back on the East Coast. SHOT Show complete.

But SHOT is never complete. At least not just because you made it home. Sure there's an accomplishment in that (at least it felt like there was) but all you've really done is added to your workload. Exponentially.

First there are the handwritten notes. I don't know why I bother with those because I can barely read my own writing. And the fatigued SHOT version of my chicken scratch is even worse. Will have to save that for another day.

Next come the brochures. Guns, sights, scopes, ammo, armor, knives, boots, etc... Where to start? Alphabetically maybe? Height? Weight? Pretty colors? If they came in thumbdrives then I already read them on the plane. Made notes, downloaded pics, got the tshirt. The rest will have to wait for the office.

Third on the list are the business cards. Oh the business cards.

I stopped counting on Tuesday when I hit 100. Some came from a quick hello while others came from lengthy discussions with industry friends. Should remember most. If not, then a quick email or phone call over the next week or so should do the trick.

Finally there's the luggage. A big old bag filled with a week's worth of worn armor. It's old, it's worn and it's of no use to you now. Best leave it in the car. It'll be there in the morning.

For those of you who made it out to Vegas — whether for a day or the entire week — I say one thing; take the day. Enjoy a little playoff football. Let the mind and body recuperate from the couch before undertaking anything new. Sure there's always plenty to do at home. But it can wait. Worry about getting back in game shape.

So pack the swag, the brochures and the business cards away for another day. Put up your feet, let out a growl, and set yourself up for a full day of nothingness.

For when recovering from SHOT there is only one remedy; rest.


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