By Lars Dalseide | January 16 2014 14:41

Highlights and collectables found inside the Sands Expo Center

One of Remington's new shotguns at the 2014 SHOT Show

Las Vegas, Nevada - SHOT Show is a fluid beast. Almost like riding the tide. To get along you only have to go along. Simple as that. Step into the room, keep up with the flow and exit at you're earliest convenience. Try to swim against it and, well ... it's never a good idea to swim against the tide.

That's when one of two things happen; either you're thrown aside or the ocean stops. Check your notes. Unless your name is Moses there is little chance of the ocean stopping. Best to keep moving.

So we made our way through Day #2 of SHOT Show with only a few objects left to achieve; more people, more pictures, more things.

Here's more ...


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