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Find NRA leadership and treasured guns from the National Firearms Museum at SHOT Show

Quote from and picture of Charlton Heston at the new NRA show booth

Las Vegas, Nevada - Whether it's the first day, the first hour or the first minute of walking the SHOT Show floor, there's no doubt that it's going to happen — you're going to get lost. Distracted like the sailors of old as the siren sings promises of pretty guns and revolutionary ammo, so goes your journey down the halls of the Sands Expo Center. There are a few ways out.

Keep walking. Sooner or later you're going to hit a wall or a door or a permanents structure that holds a pathway to freedom. Option #2 is break out the SHOT Show app. Good place to start but if you don't know where you are then it's tough to figure out which way to go. The final option are landmarks. Big booths that stand out from the crowd. Booths like the one debuted this year by the National Rifle Association.

"It was time for a change," explained one NRA staffer. "I think it came out well."

Current NRA leadership atop the new NRA booth at SHOT Show

Standing two stories tall with images of Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, Kyle Weaver and Tyler Schropp on the side, the new NRA exhibit booth is more than just a meeting place, it's an interaction experience. Columns featuring NRA favorites like Mr. Colion Noir, 13-year old 3-gunner Katie Francis and NRA News commentator Dom Raso are fitted with video screens highlighting the programs and efforts of the NRA. Then you get to go inside.

"We wanted to bring a piece of the National Firearms Museum to SHOT," said NRA Museums Director Jim Supica. "The Nock Volley gun, a fine selection of shotguns from the Petersen Gallery, and a wonderfully preserved pair of dueling pistols are just a few of the highlights we brought in from Fairfax."

Accompanying each display are videos covering the design, history and cultural significance of each piece. Not a bad way to kick off the show.

Located at space, 14540 — right across from Taurus, Smith & Wesson and Gun Broker — take a moment and stop by. Then when you're in need of a SHOT Show landmark, remember the NRA booth. Providing foundations since 1871.

Quote form and picture of past NRA President Joe Foss


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