By Lars Dalseide | January 13 2014 11:09

Big mugs fill big thirst for morning joe from the NRA Store

Huge NRA Monumental Mugs in blue and gold from the NRA Store

NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter has something better than wool socks and a heavy jacket to fend off the winter chill ...

Fairfax, Virginia - From the Northeast of the United States down to the Southwest, it’s COLD. Sure, thick socks and blankets are nice, but sometimes a hot drink is just the ticket to staying cozy during these frigid months. Whether you’re reading the morning paper or relaxing on the couch, the NRAstore is here to help you keep warm, AND let you let you defend the Second Amendment – all at once!

The NRA Monumental Mug is just what the name implies – HUGE! Whether it’s dark coffee, exotic tea, or hot cocoa, this mug will hold a whopping 22 oz. of your favorite beverage. In case you’re counting, that’s almost THREE cups of coffee!

Why stop at liquids? This mug’s 4 ½“ diameter makes it just as useful as a small bowl! The tough ceramic handle makes eating that homemade stew and chili a breeze, and comfortable. Talk about a two-for-one. The mug’s glazed interior creates a no-stick surface for easy cleaning, and the matte exterior finish is an attractive sight for any NRA lover.

Do your part in protecting America’s best freedom, and head on over to to pick up your mug today! Or, check out the rest of our great drinkware, and request a FREE catalog!


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