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NRA Board Member and Motor City Madman tops the charts for NRAblog

Ted Nugent points out to the crowd at the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas - Was there ever any doubt?

When it comes to finding a story that's popular with members of the National Rifle Association and the world of shooting sports, you can usually count on Uncle Ted ending up near the top. In our case, Mr. Nugent ended up at the very top.

That's why Ted Nugent's tale of helping a wounded warrior regain his ability to shoot is my #1 story for 2013.

I can see that bushy grin now. But isn't he always smiling?

Anyone who has been to an NRA Convention knows that Uncle Ted is a crowd favorite. People lining up for hours and around corners for a chance at a sighting, an autograph or a few words of wisdom. And The Nuge is always happy to oblige.

At the 2013 Annual Meeting in Houston, Ted's seminar (titled Freedom is not Free - Replaying our debt to Heroes) focused on the usual gusto and grit that everyone has grown to expect. Only this time there was more.

In addition to the political insight and the outstanding hunting anecdotes, the Kill It & Grill It author told us the story of Josh. A 22-year old Marine sniper who was paralyzed for life on his first day in Fallujah.

Upon hearing about Josh, now depressed and despondent, Ted made arrangements for the veteran to swing by the ranch. He had something special planned. The Liberator. A rifle modified so the aim and fire mechanisms could be controlled by a simple puff of air.

"(We) replaced his tube with the Liberator tube," Mr. Nugent described. "And he sipped on that sucker and the crosshairs moved. He blew on it and the crosshairs moved. And Josh was gone man. He was back at the range.

"Twelve minutes later, Josh took a deep breath … dead center. Josh laughed for the first time in three years."

Unless you've dealt with a wounded veteran then you can't truly appreciate what this simple act of kindness meant to Josh. To have just that little bit of control returned means so much. And for someone like Ted, who could easily spend his days lounging around without a care in the world, for someone like him to go to the trouble and expense of making this happen is an act of kindness and patriotism that should not go unacknowledged.

That's why I'm thrilled to announce that Ted Nugent walks into a range - this time with a veteran and the Liberator is my #1 story for 2013.

Ted Nugent smiles to the crowd at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

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