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Successful launch of NRA's introductory 3-Gun program brings shooters to the range

Samantha Olsen leads the NRA 3-Gun charge appearing on NRANews

Fairfax, Virginia - When looking for a word to describe 3-Gun competitions I'd have to go with awesome. Or exhilarating. Maybe breathtaking. Daunting. Okay, so that's four words. But you understand where I'm coming from. The idea of running through a course while taking on one set of targets with a pistol before switching to shotgun or rifle to take on another. Accuracy is essential. So is speed. So is focus.

That's where the challenge lies. You're plunge headfirst into a high anxiety filled adrenaline rush that calls for calm when calm is the last thing on your mind.

Talk about a test.

But it is the final word, daunting, that keeps most people out of the game.

That's why the NRA decided to come up with a way to make getting into 3-Gun a little less intimidating. Which leads us to my #2 story of 2013 - NRA's new 22 and AirSoft 3-Gun Experience.

Designed to give young or inexperienced shooters an opportunity to get into the 3-Gun ring, the first event kicked off right here at the NRA Headquarters Range as employees and friends ran through two separate courses — one for 22s and one for AirSoft. And unlike tradition 3-Gun events, there are no guns required. Why is that? Because we bring the guns to you.

"There are two primary reasons why people are reluctant to give 3-Gun a try," said NRA Sports Program Specialist Samantha Olsen. "One is experience and the other is equipment.

"Our program doesn't require either. The courses are simple and easy to run and when we're running the AirSoft program then we bring the guns to you."

Seen on the road in 2013 at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, the AGA Aim shoot in Illinois, and at the SAS Black Ops Airsoft Arena in Georgia, the NRA 3-Gun Experience has been picking up speed and fans along the way.

There has even been a number of events added to the schedule for 2014

"We'll be making an appearance at the Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, the Peacemaker National Training Center in West Virginia and maybe even the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania," said Olsen. "But there's a whole lot more.

"We're going to be awful busy in 2014."

Top Shot favorite Gabby Franco laughs with kids at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas

For more on NRA Sports' 3 Gun Shooting Events, visit their website at


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