By Lars Dalseide | December 27 2013 11:34

Highlighting the firearms found on Sportsman Channel's NRA News

NRA Senior Curator Philip Schreier holding out a .38 caliber Colt Banker's Special for Curator's Corner on NRANews & Sportsman Channel

Fairfax, Virginia - In the past, the creation of the NRAblog's Top 5 or Top 10 list centered on what we thought were the best stories of the year. That will not be the case for 2013.

Instead I'm going to go with what you thought were the best stories. The posts with the most pageviews, referrals and links. That just means I only ahve to punch up a few buttons on Google Analytics machine rather than jogging the ole' memory banks, but we're aiming for accuracy here.

With that in mind, the #5 story of 2013 are the Guns of Curator's Corner.

Seen every weekday afternoon around 5:40pm eastern on Sportsman Channel, Curator's Corner takes a look at one of the 3,000 guns here at the National Firearms Museum. Favorites, according to Google, start with the 1920s era snubnose Colt Banker's Special.

"They were looking for a small gun (for bank employees) to protect themselves in the teller cage," said NRA Museums Senior Curators Philip Schreier. "They were carried, up until the late 1970s, by Philip Schreier works the action on an 1887 Winchester lever action shotgun the Railway Mail Service's Postal Police."

Right behind the banker's special was Winchester's 1887 lever action shotgun.

A lever action shotgun? You betcha.

"What we have here is a John Browning designed lever action repeating shotgun. You have the tubular magazine for 12 or 10 gauge rounds - this particular guns in a 10 gauge. All you have to do is work the action," said Schreier.

"For those who were already sold on the slick action of the Winchester rifles appreciated the same design in a shotgun."

Finally we touch upon a classic. From there era when men were men and John Wayne was the manliest all.

Seen on his side in both True Grit and Rio Lobo, the yellow handled Colt Single Action Revolver (also known as The Peacemaker) is "the most copied revolver with over fifteen clones currently in production" according to the Blue Book of Gun Values.

These are but three of the approximately 45 guns featured this year on Curator's Corner. Hopefully one of the above three were one of your favorites. If not the favorite overall, then we're sure they landed somewhere in your top 5 list for 2013.

Colt Single Action Army revolver used by John Wayne in Rio Lobo at the NRA Museum

Catch up on all the guns of Curator's Corner here on NRAblog.


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