By Kyle Jillson | December 26 2013 13:30

Refuse To Be A Victim celebrates 20 years of crime prevention and safety techniques

As NRAblog prepares to usher in 2014, Lars and I have gone through our stories from the past year and created 'Best Of' lists containing our five biggest events of 2013. Between all of the big events - both planned and unplanned - that we saw and the difficult task of actually recalling far off times like "February" and "April," it was no easy task. Without further ado, my list:

NRA's Refuse to be Victim seminar

At #5 I have chosen Refuse To Be A Victim's 20th anniversary, as it let us stop and reflect on how much good the program has accomplished in its short time. Beginning in 1993, at the cusp of the United States' historic decline in crime rates, the National Rifle Association's Women's Policy Committee met with the goal of helping women avoid victimization. The idea the committee conceived of was Refuse To Be A Victim; taught by women and for women with a focus on becoming a less appealing target to criminals. Twenty years later the program has undergone a number of positive changes, but the objective remains the same.

The first three years of Refuse To Be A Victim proved the demand for education on crime prevention skills as more than 3,500 women attended a class. In its fourth year, after a high demand from men seeking the same education, the class became co-ed an its popularity skyrocketed.

Over its 20 year history, Refuse To Be A Victim has taught common sense safety tips to more than 100,000 people. Many attendees have enjoyed the program so much that they sought to become instructors, leading to the creation of the Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) and most recently the Online Instructor Training course. Now sporting 3,800 instructors, more than 500 Refuse To Be A Victim events are held annually throughout all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, England, Costa Rico, Puerto Rico, Tahiti and Trinidad and Tobago.

The crime prevention and personal safety seminar teaches the basics of personal protection not through firearms, but with preventative measures that are easy to implement. Attendees learn to avoid dangerous situations and prevent criminal confrontations at home, in the car, on the phone, online and abroad. Refuse To Be A Victim has award-winning program has been endorsed by Members of the United States law enforcement community have endorsed Refuse To Be A Victim for its safety benefits and the program has won awards for its techniques to avoid dangerous situations.

This year also marks the 5th anniversary of NRAblog, which has covered Refuse To Be A Victim and the great stories from every other NRA program since 2008. In that short time, we have seen so many NRA programs grow and flourish as they are discovered by more and more Second Amendment supporters. We look forward to celebrating each and every special anniversary of NRA General Operations' programs as we help guide them through the 21st century.

Take a full look at how beneficial Refuse To Be A Victim has been to everyday people over its 20 years.


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