By Lars Dalseide | December 23 2013 12:29

Hats, knives, mugs and more waiting at the NRA Store

The NRA SOG Trident Knife Fairfax, Virginia - You should have started sooner. I know, I know, but if you're going to get anywhere in this Christmas shopping season then you're going to have to act fast. Real fast. And a great place to start is the NRA Store.

So what can you get on a last minute stocking stuffer that every Second Amendment supporter will treasure? Plenty.

First on my list would be the NRA SOG Trident Knife.

Carried by the Army Rangers in Iraq, the knife features SOG Assisted Technology and snaps open with just a push on the blade. The 3.75” cryogenically heat treated Titanium Nitride coated blade is a product of evolution.

Available in Black, Digital Camo and Desert Digital Camo, this beauty comes with a coarse grip in all the right areas and a lifetime guarantee.

Next on the list is one of NRA Tactical's 130T LED Flashlights.

Tiny enough to fit in any stocking yet powerful enough to light up the night, this torch has 130 lumens worth of light that provides flood to spot light operation and three modes (high, low, strobe) will cover all your tactical tasks..

And what about a mug? Everybody likes a good coffee mug. And if the stocking is big enough, you can put 'er right to work.

A taste of Freedom with NRA's Gadsden Stoneware Mug What we're talking about is a taste of Freedom with NRA's Gadsden Stoneware Mug.

With a flair of old world tradition, each mug begins as master potters throw an individual stoneware creation on to a wheel. What comes out the other end is a unique, fourteen ounce, quality handcrafted production. Along with a two-tone glaze, the rugged Gadsden mugs boast a distinctive, three-dimensional clay medallion on each side. One glazed with the famed Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” rattlesnake while the other dons the legendary NRA Shield.

Finally I point you towards the NRA NightHawk Skull Cap.

Made from 100% fine gauge Acrylic, a special "knit-in" treatment with the NRA and bars stitched right into the cap, it promises to keep you warm and keep you stylish on a cold Christmas morning. And considering that it sells for $12.95 apiece (not including shipping and handling), you might even want to get two.

As I said earlier, time is a wasting. In order to process these, well, orders, you need to act fast and you need to ask for premium shipping. I know, I know, but that's the only way we'll be able to get these gifts (or any others you might choose) home in time.

For some it probably means you're not going to get these stocking stuffers until the day after Christmas. But come on ... who say no to another gift?


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