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Washington Times Editor meets with fans and fires a few rounds at NRA Headquarters

Emily Miller fires a GLOCK .45 at the NRA Headquarters Range in Fairfax, Virginia

Emily Miller didn't start out as a gun girl. She wasn't a hunter, she wasn't a competitive shooter or a collector by any means. She was simply a woman who didn't feel safe.

Here's how she described it in the "Washington Times":

I want a gun. I don’t feel safe living in Washington, D.C. and want to protect myself. I’m starting today by going down to City Hall to find the gun permit office to tell them, “I want a gun.”

After making the decision, she approached her editors with an idea — what if I chronicle my experience in a series of columns for the Times? Soon enough, Emily gets her Gun appeared. It covered everything. The decision to get a gun, the paperwork required, the training required, the research required … it was quite a journey.

So popular was the tale that she decided to turn the adventure into a book. Published by Regnery Publishing, Emily Gets Her Gun started showing up on book store shelves, gun store counters and shooting range events everywhere. Soon to follow were appearance on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN.

She also managed to squeeze in a book signing or two along the way. Like the one yesterday at the NRA Headquarters Range.

"We thought it would be the perfect fit," said Michael Johns, manager of the NRA Range. "Turns out our patrons thought the same thing."

Emily Miller signing her book 'Emily Gets Her Gun' at the NRA Range in Fairfax

Waiting to bring a copy of Emily Gets Her Gun home for Christmas was a collection of NRA staffers, regular range customers as well as a few members of the Arlington ACORNS Junior Rifle Club.

"Great crowd, great crowd. It was everything I hoped for," said Johns.

And then the real fun began.

With her materials packed and fans appeased, Emily made way for the range. NRA Range Safety Officer Kevin Wright at her side, an assortment of firearms at the ready and a nearly unlimited supply of ammo on call … this was going to be fun.

First up was a Remington 870 Tactical shotgun. Firing slugs at 25 yards, she made a few holes before moving on to the next one. Something special. Something she's never shot before. A Ruger SR556.

Adjusting the stock and loading the magazine — the first of three she emptied — Emily went through ten rounds before a sudden pause.

"It didn't feel like I was on target," she explained.

Ever at the ready for a teaching experience, Wright called back the target to show that she was right on the money.

"If you haven't shot an AR before then it might feel like you're missing," Wright said afterwards. "But she was doing just fine."

Three magazines with an HK 9mm and two with a GLOCK .45 later and it was over.

Collecting her targets and smiling away, Miller shook a few hands, gave a few hugs and promised to return soon. Assuring the crew that a class or two were in her future, she grabbed her phone, gave one last smile and made for the door.

Though she might not have started off as a gun girl, that grin on her face seems to suggest she's headed in the right direction.

Emily Miller happy with her target at the NRA Range in Fairfax, Virginia


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