By Kyle Jillson | December 21 2013 10:50

Contest veterans edged by newcomer in NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest's Category II

2013 George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest Category II First Place recipient Elijah Roberts

Fairfax, Virginia - Next up in the winning entries from the four categories of the George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest are our fourth through sixth graders. Category II rounds out the elementary school students.

Judging these entries is especially tough for our panel as many more students have art training and are beginning to experiment with different techniques. After meticulously going over every entry in the category and making several cuts, out judges awarded three sixth graders the top spots.

Above is the entry from first place winner Elijah Roberts, of Union, Kentucky, who drew a beautiful Red-Winged Blackbird in a piece titled The Black Bird. Our judges were extremely impressed with Elijah's talent and the drawing's anatomical correctness. For his tremendous skill, Elijah was awarded $750 for coming in first place.

2013 George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest Category II Second Place recipient Catherine Chen

Second place winner Catherine Chen is developing quite the list of accomplishments in the Youth Wildlife Art Contest. The sixth grader from Fremont, California has previously received:

  • 2008: Third Place Category I
  • 2010: Second Place Category I
  • 2011: Honorable Mention Category II

This year's entry, Howling in the Moonlight, of a wolf really impressed our judges. It would not surprise us to see Catherine Chen's name pop up again when we announce future contest winners. Catherine will receive the second place award of $500.

2013 George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest Category II Third Place recipient Janet Cui

This year's third place winner in Category II is Janet Cui of Fremont, California. Janet also has a history with the contest, receiving:

  • 2010: Third Place Category I
  • 2012: Honorable Mention Category II

The vibrance of her Sharp-Tailed Grouse drawing, titled In Hiding, floored our judges. She truly earned third place's $250 prize.

Thanks again to this year's winners and of course everyone who participated in the contest. This was the contest's 26th year and we look forward to receiving more great art in the future. Keep checking back on NRAblog for the last two categories and all of our honorable mentions. There's plenty of amazing art left to ogle.


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