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NRA's hunting magazine highlights twelve gifts for the outdoor and hunting enthusiast

The Camouflage Bedding from Camo Trading from American Hunter Magazine Fairfax, Virginia - The staff over at NRA's American Hunter Magazine put their heads together for an annual Christmas special — the 2013 gift list for hunters. Here's more from American Hunter ...

The holiday shopping season has once again arrived, and there's no shortage of gifts out there for a hunter or huntress. That said, finding the right one amidst a flooded marketplace—particularly on short notice—can be a challenge. Fortunately for you, the hardworking elves we have here at have put together this handy 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

Bushnell HuntTrack
This handheld easy-to-use GPS system was designed with the hunter in mind, giving users the ability to track sunset and sunrise as well as moonset and moonrise and barometric pressure to pinpoint peak game movement. With its geocashing feature, Bushnell's HuntTrack can be uploaded to a computer to track your hunts utilizing detailed maps with the ability to set waypoints that you want to access in the field. The new HuntTrack will not only get you safely from point A to point B, but can do it with up to 25 different location markers while tracking your travel distance and time.

Camouflage Bedding from Camo Trading
As hunters, we spend a fairly large portion of our year in camouflage—and many of us tend to grow attached to it over time. Camouflage furniture, curtains and bedding sets are not necessarily a new trend, but it's not always easy to find a retailer that both does our favorite patterns justice and produces high-quality goods. With that in mind, we took a look at the hunter-friendly bedding options offered by the aptly named Camo Trading. Style include: Realtree Timber, Bone Collector Black, Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo, Realtree AP and Realtree MAX-4. Camouflage patterns aren't all you've have to pick from, however—there are also designs like "Deer Meadow" and "Dogs 'N Ducks," if you're looking to shake things up.

Extreme Beam OSR-800 Headlamp
A good head lamp is an valuable tool to have, and Extreme Beam offers a model that's both reliable and affordable. Known as one of the world's brightest focusable headlights, the OSR-800 puts out a strikingly bright beam that can reach over 165 meters (550 feet). The OSR-800 can be used on high for spotting at a distance or dimmed for hiking. It's the perfect light for hikers, campers, spelunkers and hunters on your list.

MRA Hunting Showstopper Air Rifle
Given that it'll shoot a Gamo PBA Platinum pellet at 1400 feet-per-second, the MRA Showstopper is a bit more advanced than that Red Ryder that Ralphie pines for around this time of year—and it's an awful lot of fun to shoot, too. The Showstopper is a spring piston break Barrel action air rifle with a velocity of 1,400 fps. This air rifle comes with an SAT 2-Stage adjustable trigger and SWA recoil pads with 74 percent absorption. The stock is made of all-weather black stock synthetic Twin Cheek Pads for ambidextrous shooting.

Get the rest of the list from American Hunter magazine ...

The MRA Hunting Showstopper Air Rifle


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