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From pistol to rifle to shotgun, ladies learn about hunting and self defense in Alaska

Lining up a rifle shot during a Women on Target event in Alaska.

Anchorage, Alaska- They do things different up in Alaska.

Some days are saturated with sunshine while others are nothing but night. The only thing that you can count on, besides the people, is the cold. But that doesn't mean you shut things down. You still go to work, take the kids to school, hit the grocery store and hunt. Which is why an NRA Women on Target clinic is the perfect fit for the 49th state.

NRA Women on Target event during the pistol phase in Alaska

"Larry Boyle and Alexandra Brown do a great job up there in Anchorage," said NRA's Women on Target Instructional Shooting Clinic Coordinator Diane Danielson. "They even add an extra Alaskan element to a few of the clinics they hold there every year."

Women On Target®Instructional Shooting Clinics were created to provide more opportunities for females to learn about shooting. How to handle a firearm safely, where to store it, how to shoot it and more. So what are the extra Alaskan elements that Larry and Alexandra provide?

Alaskan Women on Target participant stands by her caribou target

"In addition to basic rifle and pistol, they also offer clinics in big game rifle and bear safety."

How do they do that? With a little ingenuity, that's how.

"They attach a lifesize picture of a bear to a target. The target is then attached to a sled which has been attached to an ATV. At go, the ATV takes off ... simulating a charge. The shooter takes aim and fires until the target passes."

While this can't truly simulate a charge, the adrenaline rush and whatnot, it's about as close as you're going to get. And if you ever come across Yogi and Bubu in the wild, you'll be glad you had at least a little bit of training.

Just another added extra for your NRA Women on Target clinics ... Alaskan style.

For more on NRA's Women on Target program, visit their website at


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