By Lars Dalseide | November 11 2013 14:29

Special guests include Oliver North, R. Lee Ermey and actor Joe Mantegna

Range fees waived for Veterans during live broadcast

Kurt Schlichter and NRANews host Cam Edwards talk about the latest in 2nd Amendment rights on NRANews at the headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - As the scarcely visible sun starts to set on Veterans Day 2013, the cast and crew from NRANews are halfway home. That's halfway in relation to time and not distance. The distance today is farther than usual as they are not broadcasting from the friendly confines of their studio in Alexandria, Virginia. No, today they are broadcasting from the range at NRA Headquarters.

"We wanted to do something special today," said John Popp, executive producer of NRANews. "After speaking with our producers at Sportsman Channel and the staff here at NRA, we decided that a live broadcast from the NRA Headquarters Range would do the trick."

With fifteen lanes paced out at 50 yards apiece, this state of the art range has all the latest in target retrieval, backstop and air purification. And when you get right down to it, who wouldn't like a chance to squeeze off a few rounds at NRA's home range?

Sitting beside host Cam Edwards is Townhall's Kurt Schlichter. As retired Colonel in the U.S. Army (currently serving in the reserves), Schlichter had no apprehension about stepping up to the co-hosting plate

"I'm a lawyer so talking non-stop is no problem," he said with a laugh. "Four hours? I can do that in my sleep."

The first three hours of the show (2pm to 5pm eastern standard time) can be seen live on the NRANews website. That same broadcast will air later this evening on Sirius/XM's Patriot Channel. But the final hour of the show (5pm to 6pm eastern standard time) is reserved solely for Sportsman Channel.

"We lined up a bunch of great guests as always," said Popp. "Ollie North, Gunny R. Lee Ermey and Joe Mantegna will all be calling in during the Sportsman Channel segments. During the webcast and SiriusXM portion, we've got Tom Kilgannon from Freedom Alliance, Lynn Bukowski from LZ-Grace Veterans Retreat and few other surprised live and in person here on the range."

As a special for all the veterans in attendance, range fees will be waived while the broadcast is in progress.

So if you're in the Northern Virginia area, put your gun in your case and head on over to the NRA. The range is in the back, Cam Edwards is running the show, and there's still plenty of ammo left on the shelves to make the trip worth while.

Behind the soundboard during NRANews' live Veterans Day broadcast at the NRA Headquarters Range


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