By Lars Dalseide | October 28 2013 10:46

The NRA Convertible Security Holster asks ... can your holster do this?

The NRA Convertible Security Holster in black and nude form the NRA Store NRAstore™ Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans brings stealth and function for this week's offering on Membership Monday.

Fairfax, Virginia - Do you ever get frustrated by the limitations of your holster? For example, if you carry inside the waistband, your holster can only be worn INSIDE the waistband. Conversely, an OWB holster can only be worn OUTSIDE the waistband. Both styles require that you wear a belt. On the other hand, what if you want to carry in the small of your back? Of course, we all know shoulder rigs can be cumbersome and pricey. Every one of these holster types impact how you dress. The options can be staggering, but, then again, so can the drawbacks.

At the NRAstore, we want concealed carry to be as comfortable and easy as possible. So we were really excited when we found what we believe to be the closest thing to a perfect holster! The Convertible Security Holster has astounded our staff with its versatility, simplicity and affordability. Not only can you wear it on your waist as an IWB or OWB, but it’s also effective for under-arm carry – and it can even be worn at the small of your back. And it’s perfect for business or casual attire!

The Convertible Security Holster completely encloses your firearm in a cushioned pouch, which is attached to an integral belt. Made of breathable material to keep you cool, it’s resistant to perspiration and solvents alike – a must when it comes to protecting your gun. Access to your sidearm is quick, noise-free, and safe. It’s secured completely in the cushioned pouch, and it will never touch your skin, allowing comfortable movement all day.

The multi-location support strap makes it easy to convert from waistband wear to under-arm carry. This option is perfect for when you’re wearing business attire, when you prefer to go without a belt, or you simply favor the under-arm cross draw.

Favored by knowledgeable first-adopters among NRAstore staff and NRA members, the Convertible Security Holster could be the last holster you’ll ever need. To check out this new item, plus a ton of other exciting products, visit

The NRA Convertible Security Holster works in the front, back or under the arm


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