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Carry around the classic designs from the Big Three of firearm innovators

Colt Revolver image from NRA's Heritage t-shirt collection

Joe Garnreiter, Merchandise Buyer for, reaches back more than a century for this week's offering on Membership Monday ...
Fairfax, Virginia - Quick — when you think of the world’s most famous firearm manufacturers, who comes to mind?

Most firearm aficionados will quickly answer, “Winchester, Colt, and Browning.” Firearms developed by the “big three” have been battle-tested in countless conflicts, and several models have achieved an iconic status in popular culture, thanks to movies and TV! Each firearm designer can rightfully claim to have played a pivotal role in shaping world history – and such triumphs of innovation deserve to be commemorated. Luckily, the NRAstore has found an effective and fun way to immortalize these timeless feats of engineering!

What better way to honor these inventions than to showcase their original patent drawings? Our exciting new NRA Heritage T-Shirt collection lets you proudly display original illustrations from four of the most revolutionary firearm designs in history: the M1911, Browning Auto-5, Model 1894, and Colt Revolver.

Beautiful, hand-drawn, original artwork – in many cases well over a century old – details four incredible technological concepts that have endured the test of time. The 6.2 oz, 100% cotton material provides an excellent and comfortable canvas to exhibit such fantastic designs.

Just wearing one of these fine garments will identify you as a lover of fine guns and American craftsmanship. Plus, the NRA logo inscribed just below each firearm identifies you as a Second Amendment supporter and lover of freedom. Best of all, 100% of NRAstore profits go directly to support essential NRA programs, contributing to the NRA’s ongoing defense of your American rights!

Whether you’re a collector, a connoisseur, or just a lover of firearm history, you owe it to yourself to visit the NRAstore today to get your very own NRA Heritage T-Shirt. And, while you’re there, don’t forget to request a free catalog!

Borwning, Winchester and Colt images from NRA's Heritage t-shirt collection


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