By Kyle Jillson | September 28 2013 11:30

Have what it takes to stand amongst the best of the best?

One of many National Records displayed in the office of NRA's own HQ Moody

Fairfax, Virginia - Did you know the NRA keeps track of nearly 7,000 national shooting records? Is that more than you thought there were? With so many, you probably have a better chance of tying or breaking one than you thought. Maybe this will be your year!

Are you wondering how there are so many records? They add up rather quickly once you stop to consider it.

The NRA keeps track of a lot of disciplines including Air Pistol, Action Pistol, High Power Rifle, Silhouette Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, Fullbore and to name a few. And from each of those disciplines it branches out further.

Within each discipline there are records for metallic sight, any sight, rapid fire, slow fire, prone, standing and all the variations of ways to shoot. Don't forget about shooting indoor, outdoor, distance and number of shots fired. Think the number is big enough? Don't forget about all of this being stored for both individuals and teams. The final whammy comes with all of the possible classifications (e.g. Open, Civilian, Service, Woman, Junior, Senior, Police, etc.).

Before you know it there is a mountain's worth of records and certificates to keep track of. Go to Competitive Shooting's National Records site and see for yourself.

Because these are national records we're talking about, they're handled with care and must be verified and checked against the archive. With the NRA sanctioning over 11,000 tournaments each year, there are a good amount of claims that come in and must be checked.

It's a lot of work, but our Competitive Shooting staff gets it done. Do you think you have what it takes to set a National Record? See any you think you can break? You better get out to the range and start practicing because you're going up against the greatest names in the history of the shooting sports. But with enough practice and a little luck your name could be up there too one day.


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