By Kyle Jillson | September 27 2013 13:40

NRA switches to fully automated, online Instructor processing

NRA switches to online-only Instructor processing

Fairfax, Virginia - As of October 1, NRA Training will be fully automated for processing Instructor candidates online. This is a big change, and this will definitely be an improvement over the old methods we've been using.

Make sure that your candidates know they will be handling things by this method. There will no longer be the one-year initial credentialing period; we are going to two-year initial and renewal periods. Once the Training Counselor or Chief Range Safety Officer has finished the online course reports at, candidates log in at and are prompted to complete their credentials processing. They check off the electronic disclaimer, pay their credentialing fee online, and then print or download their own certificate/ID card. They will not be able to perform in the capacity as an NRA Trainer until they finish this process.

Remember, for this to work, instructor candidates must have a few things BEFORE they attend your course:

  1. An NRA number or existing NRA Instructor number.
    Note: Non-members who are not yet instructors will have to wait for their non-member instructor number to be assigned and sent to them by email. This will happen AFTER they have been processed here and given a file. They must also be told: DO NOT CONTACT NRA HEADQUARTERS FOR IT! It will be sent when assigned as long as the TC/CRSO report is done correctly. Then they can register and complete processing. IF THEY JOIN DURING THE COURSE, they will also have to wait in the same fashion. Remember, membership before the course is most expedient!
  2. Access to some electronic device that they can use to log in to
  3. A valid email address.
  4. Some method of printing or downloading credentials from

After the course report is done, they need to register at and verify that both their personal and contact information is correct. Then they can complete the processing.

With all of these, they can start teaching the day after you complete your report.

Credentials will no longer be printed and sent from NRA Headquarters. Trainers will print their credentials after they register and log in at under the "NRA Instructors Account Management" header.

These are certainly exciting times for the programs, with many changes yet to come. As a vital and integral part of an endeavor with the lofty and noble goal of assisting the students who take our basic courses, we hope you find these changes exciting and useful as well. We are constantly trying to improve the programs, and we could not do this without the best trainers in the world putting them to good use.

As always, thanks for all your efforts and safe teaching.


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