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Senior Border Patrol Agent wins 5th career NRA Police Championship

Robert Vadasz jokes with competitors during NRA National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico - For the fifth time in six years, Robert Vadasz of the U.S. Border Patrol has won the NRA's National Police Shooting Championships. With a final score of 6149-413x, Vadasz finished the three-day event five points ahead of his nearest competitor.

"I felt a little more confident and a little more controlled while shooting. I'm driving the gun better and not wondering what's going to happen. Instead, I know what's going to happen."

The competition began on September 16th and end later this afternoon with the team championships. Shooters vying for the overall title take part in sixteen different individual matches that fall into four separate categories; Open Class Revolver, Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistol, Individual Service Pistol and Law Enforcement Shotgun. More than 400 law enforcement officers form across the globe gathered in Albuquerque to take part in the competition.

Vadasz began his drive to the title the way he usually does — from the front. Day One of the championships, reserved for the semi-automatic pistol, ended with a seven point lead for the Florida native.

"My 1500 auto was without question going to be a big score. I had that in my head when I went out there. I had the confidence to do it and my job was just to trust the gear and the gun and just drive it. Border Patrol Agent Vadasz fires from the sitting position at NRA Championships It went real well."

Day Two wasn't quite at kind.

On day two, there were seven separate revolver matches to shoot. Most went well. Most. That was until the Distinguished match that almost ended his title run.

"The Distinguished Revolver didn't go as well as I would have hoped, but that's just a hit or miss sorta match for me. After Distinguished I was 13 down. That could have been huge."

But huge is a relative term for Vadasz. Married with a couple of kids, his days generally focus on two truly huge things ... the family and the job. Depending on his unit while hitting the streets is huge. Watching his children play soccer or take up karate is huge. This? This was fun.

"At some point I realized that this is more about enjoyment than anything else. I just wanted to have a good time. Being back with the team and all the competitors does just that."

Day Three did that too.

With one match left in the Individual Service Pistol Championship, all he had to do was focus on his Off-Duty Pistol performance. Like a football team trying to hang onto the lead with time running out, he went on the defensive. A prevent if you will.

"I was trying not drop too many points and hang on. I wasn't really trying to win that match, I was just trying to hold on."

Hold on he did. In yet another dominating performance, Vadasz successfully defended his National Police Shooting title for a third consecutive time. Five titles in six years. As Gunny R. Lee Ermey joked at the Awards Banquet last night, "Robert must be in charge of the whole damn range."

Spending a good deal of the Awards Ceremony in the spotlight, Vadasz was called to the stage a total of eight times. Top honors included the Revolver Championship, the Semi-Automatic Pistol Championship, and the Grand Aggregate Championship. It was then, after all was said and done, that he took to the podium to share his reasons for putting forth such an impressive effort.

"I've extremely lucky in life, and I think it boils down to two things. One is my wife Missy who I love very much, and the other is my employer, the U.S. Border Patrol, who has been nothing but fantastic to me."

Robert Vadasz speaks at the NRA National Police Shooting Championships Awards Ceremony in New Mexico

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