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Most powerful firearm in a law enforcement officer's toolbox is often underused

Competitor from the Fairfax County Police Department takes part in NRA Police Championships in New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - "It's the most powerful but the least trained on gun."

That's what Mark Fricke had to say when asked how competitors were doing on the shotgun stage of NRA's National Police Shooting Championships. A 28-year law enforcement veteran and owner of American Firearms Training and Tactics (AFTT) in Prescott Valley, AZ, he's a man that knows a thing or two about how to handle a shotgun.

"They're shooting too fast from the 50 yard line. It's a common practice we see a lot during training.

"You have to remember that the Shotgun is an extremely powerful tool, a good fight stopper if you have to shoot and its mere presence will often stop a fight because they see that you're serious."

Knowing how to use a shotgun is a necessity for anyone serious about winning the National Police Shooting Championships. Accounting for approximately 10% of the overall score, a shot to the left or right could mean the difference between overall champ and third place for municipal masters.

The Shotgun portion of the National Championships was shot with 12 gauge nine pellet 00 buck from 15 and 20 yards and with rifled slugs at 25 and 50 yards. For scoring purposes, everything inside the 7 Ring with buckshot is worth 5 points and everything out is worth 0. For the slugs, whatever you hit is what you score.

Though it may be a tool underutilized by most, it surely wasn't underutilized by those on the list below ...

Firing from 25 yards during Shotgun Phase of NRA National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque

NRA's National Police Shooting Championships

Place Name Department Score
1 Jose Ortiz U.S. Border Patrol 549-4x
2 Kevin Worrell U.S. Border Patrol 548-5x
3 Benito Martinez Albuquerque PD 548-5x
4 Stefanie Diaz LAPD 546-4x
5 Glenn Maier 546-2x
6 Gina Hernandez U.S. Border Patrol 545-4x
7 Russell Pearce Richmond PD 545-3x
8 Brett Sullivan U.S. Border Patrol 545-3x
9 H.L. Gibbs 545-2x
10 Tony Simmons U.S. Border Patrol 545-2x

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